Someone In This Online Group Asked “Teachers, What Was The Worst Thing You Had To Confiscate From A Student?”, 38 Folks Delivered


For many kids, school is like a second home as they spend so much time there, get to hang out with friends and explore what their interests are. So sometimes they feel so comfortable at school that they forget that it is actually an academic institution and some things should stay at home.

Sometimes kids bring the weirdest things to school they weren't supposed to and teachers have to confiscate them for safety reasons. Reddit user GlytchedTTV wanted to know from teachers “What was the worst thing you had to confiscate from a student?” and there were some surprising answers.

What surprised you the most in this list? Do you have an interesting story that would fit into the thread? Share it with us in the comments and upvote the stories you liked the most.

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#1 A Sea Bass

I had to confiscate a sea bass from a student who had brought it in to use in the playground at break time...he was walking around slapping people in the face with it and challenging them to a duel..

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#2 Box Filled With Set Timers

My mom has had stories about what's she's confiscated from lower elementary aged students (K-3). The usual prank items like woopie cushions, sure. But one time a student was playing with this weird box. The box was locked. So she couldn't put it in the confiscated bin. She put it on top of a cabinet. About an hour later, it starts ringing. Furiously. It took some doing to get the box open.

Turns out, this kid's parent was a professional chef. So the kid had grabbed every timer in the house, set them for the max amount of time, locked the box, brought it to school, and played with it so it would get confiscated and ring loudly. Whole class erupted with laughter and screaming. A true agent of chaos

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#3 Gold Nasa Pen

My teacher took my gold nasa pen I got for my birthday because "it wasn't fair to the other students", I never got it back

Image credits: jaciviridae

#4 2 Hard Seltzers

My wife is a teacher and one of her first graders brought her 2 hard seltzers because her mom said they’re good after a long day and she deserved them

Image credits: Nocreativeability

#5 A Chihuahua

A chihuahua- a 1st grader had slipped it into his backpack while waiting on the bus to pick him up. Poor thing was just quietly sitting in his backpack that was on a hook in the hallway.

Image credits: sushiluva7050

#6 A Pineapple That All The Boys Would Worship

Once we got confiscated a pineapple that all the boys would worship.

Image credits: Nik9200

#7 Hand Sanitizer

I had to confiscate hand sanitizer from a student who decided to drink it to get drunk and threw up EVERYWHERE.

Image credits: astrobre

#8 The Fish In A Vase

The weirdest one was definitely the fish in a vase they found during locker checks. It was in an unassigned locker someone had added a lock to. Inside was a live Betta fish in about as large a vase as you can fit in a locker. Fully decorated. Someone had clipped a little book light to the top of the vase presumably so fish wasn't in the dark all the time. No one claimed to know whose if was or how long it had been there so it lived in the coaches office for at least that year.

Image credits: Polyf**kery

#9 Mom's Wedding Ring, Dad's Car Keys, And A Bottle Opener

Preschool teacher here. I had to convince a 4 year old that his mom's wedding ring should go into a special box on the front desk instead of on the finger of a six year old girl he had a crush on.

Later he brought in his dad's car keys, and a bottle opener.

Image credits: Luka-the-Pooka

#10 Bullets And A Cat

Worst thing: bullets. From a first grader. Had to do a room clear to look for a gun.

Best thing: a cat a high school student brought in their backpack, haha.

Image credits: Substantial_Peace707

#11 A Clay Dinosaur Project

Not a teacher but in 2nd grade I had a clay dinosaur project confiscated from me by the teacher who assigned the project. I think it was because I wouldn’t stop playing with it. I never got it back.

Looking back it makes sense that I couldn’t stop playing with it. I’m a full time ceramic artist.

Image credits: Uyulala88

#12 A Piece Of A Broken Beer Bottle

I taught 1st grade and confiscated a piece of a broken beer bottle from a 6 yr old. It really surprised me, because he was the sweetest kid. Turns out another classmate asked him to bring a weapon and hide it in the playground sand, so that he could get back at another kid. I tried to do more life lesson things than suspension for both boys, bc they’re freakin 6, but school policy had them both suspended for a few days.

Image credits: No_Fondant_5030

#13 A Live Wild Badger In A Box

When I taught grade 2 a kid managed to bring a live wild badger in a box. It promply escaped and we had to evacuate while animal control was called. The kid's parents had no idea how he caught a badger, and he never told us where he got it.

Image credits: Leprechan_Sushi

#14 Note Filled With Drawings Of Cartoon Butts

Not the worst but definitely my favorite. I taught 4th graders and saw a couple of them passing around a sheet of paper to each other instead of doing what they were supposed to be doing. I took the note from them and one of the kids' faces looked as if her life was over and she started crying and begged me not to look at it. I unfolded it to see what they were writing about. The note was filled with drawings of cartoon butts and they told me they wanted to have a contest to see who was the best at drawing butts.

Image credits: mjab97

#15 A Knife, A WiFi Jammer And A USB Killing Device

Most dangerous: a knife from an 8th grader.

Most annoying: different school than above, but a wifi jammer and a USB killing device from an 8th grader.

Image credits: CageyRabbit

#16 A Baby

My mom told me that a kid in elementary school came to the school with a bag so the teacher took a look and there was a baby in it. The girl wanted to show her friends her little brother. The baby vomited all over himself and the parents didn’t even notice that their 1 week child was missing.

Image credits: lawsuy

#17 A Styrofoam Head

A styrofoam head that some boys had drawn a smile on and scooped out some eye holes. It had a name and they took it to every class. It got old and shabby and so did the joke so I put it out of its misery.

Great staff room trophy though

Image credits: eggbert_217

#18 Ear Piercing Gun

Ear piercing gun. Had to stop them from piercing each others ears during lunch

Image credits: grimberlyplace

#19 A Doobie

Kindergarten, studying butterfly life cycles. Little guy brings in a “chrysalis” he found on the porch of his house. A doobie, the kid brought me a doobie and wanted us to see how long it would take to turn into a butterfly.

Image credits: TheMagicallyMacabre

#20 A Gorilla Mask

A gorilla mask...yes...dude put it on while my back was turned and facing the board. I laughed like hell then took it for the day until his parents collected it.

Image credits: RanjitKumarSingh

#21 Grasshopper

Once our philosophy teacher got mad and confiscated our recently captured grasshopper because we named him "Aristotle"

Image credits: elprosar

#22 An Antique Gun

My mom always told the story about my brother bringing a signed picture of Richard Petty to his class and telling everyone he was his Dad (1-2nd grade maybe) but that everyone forgot because the next kid pulled out an antique gun

Image credits: Bangbangsmashsmash

#23 A Giant Ball Of Cheese

I recently confiscated a giant ball of cheese. Kid had like 8 cheese sticks, had unwrapped them, and was forming them into a massive ball of goo. He was about to shove it in his cheese hole when I took it. It had started to melt. I teach 8th grade. Cheese goo.

Image credits: Interesting-Road-441

#24 Handcuffs And Tear Gas

Handcuffs and tear gas from the same student, same lesson

Image credits: oldbutdum

#25 A Coors Ligh

A Coors Light that the child had mistaken for a Diet Coke. The student was mortified. I just giggled. The principal kept it for “evidence”. He kept it in the refrigerator in his office until it “disappeared” one day.

#26 Bottle Of Vodka

Over the course of years:

Bottle of Vodka 'hidden' in the girls bathroom by 7th graders. "How did you know where to look?" Everyone who came back from the bathroom was drunk so, you're not as sneaky as you think.

Vape "My mom gave it to me for allergies." "So, I'll just give it back to her then." WIDE EYES. "No!!"

Student banging the primers of two 30-06 shells together in class. -- Grab!-- "I just wanted to see if they would go off."

Image credits: tempaccntnow

#27 Tattoo Machine

A god damn tattoo machine. They were tattooing their hands. (8th grade, Germany)

Image credits: Dolifti

#28 A Tazer Disguised As A Torch

A tazer disguised as a torch

Image credits: leobeer

#29 A 6 Pack Of Beer

A 6 pack of beer from a second grader. In her defense, she was going to share it on the field trip that day.

#30 One And A Half Onions

I took a teaching job on a high school once, it was a fun optional subject and my students were 15 years old, the only thing I confiscated were one and a half onions.

One of the kids was eating the onions and blasting the girls with his breath. He brought 3 onions to school...

Image credits: vairoletto

#31 $900

$900. Mom had a bag of cash laying around and her 2nd grader decided to bring it to school.

Image credits: pretzel90210

#32 A Puppy

A puppy. It had been in this kid's jacket pocket for about 4 hours. I had to send the kid to the office because I didn't know what to do with a puppy.

Yes, it was alive and very messy.

Image credits: mel2mdl

#33 Gameboy

I was the student and my Math teacher confiscated my Gameboy. This was 2002 maybe.

I got it back by mail in 2012. I already had like 2 PlayStations by that time but atleast I got it back.

Image credits: Myrealnameiskoch

#34 A Live Mouse To School To Feed To Our Class Pet, A Ball Python

I had a student bring a live mouse to school to feed to our class pet, a ball python. He had brought the mouse in his front pocket of his pants instead of something reasonable to hold it.

Image credits: garlicDgalaxy

#35 An M&ms Container With A Hotdog Weenie Inside It

My brother recently got a m&ms container with a hotdog weenie inside it confiscated. The teacher nor principal even threw it away. They made my mom go get it lmaoo

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#36 A Dozen Of Pages With Some BTS Dudes Printed On It

my mom was a school teacher, and she once confiscated a DOZEN of pages with some BTS dudes printed on it because apparently, some 7th grade girl was staring at them instead of paying attention in class

#37 15 Condoms

I remember in high school a teacher confiscated a student who had 15 condoms

Image credits: BrutalDeathMetalFan

#38 Razor Blades

Razor blades.

Image credits: Samfrost98

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