Someone Asked “What Ended Your Friendship With Your Best Friend?” And 100 People Got Honest


Contrary to what we would like to believe, friendships don't last forever. Even the best ones.

So when Reddit user gli-tc-h made a post on the platform, asking everyone to share what caused their BFF breakups, they got a collection of honest, heartfelt replies — I guess it's something we all just need to get off our chests.

From secret affairs with their partner to evil schemes that were supposed to get them fired, continue scrolling to learn what these folks have experienced. Who knows, maybe their stories will help you navigate your own personal dramas.


He tried to get me fired from a job I hired him at as his boss

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He cheated on his wife with my girlfriend. Killed what I thought was two great relationships with one f**k.

Actually it was a lot more than that, but I liked the way it sounded.

Edit: Thanks all, it was a long time ago (30+ years), so plenty of time to get over it. For a very long time I held onto a lot of hatred towards the guy, but for some reason not my ex. I realized at some point that the hate was only harming me and not affecting him in any way so that helped me let it go.

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After 14 years of friendship we get an apartment and suddenly he loses his job as a personal trainer because of a dress code violation (he wore a hoodie to work, allegedly) and then 2-3 months of him not working. Then after he agreed to pay me back eventually, all he ever gave me was $400 from his mom (I paid over 14,000 for the year). So I paid the full year lease and he stayed 8 months total. I never talked to him again also because I found a receipt where he was trying to make a copy of my car keys make and model. F**K THAT GUY

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He passed away at his job after we graduated high school. He worked at a asphalt creation center and fell 30ish feet into a boiling asphalt silo and boiled to death. He had just turned 18, and it was a few days before my 19th birthday.

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I was diagnosed with bipolar after a very traumatic and public event when I was manic for the first time. Lost all my friends including my best friend. Mental illness sucks.

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When my father was dying of cancer, my “best friend” called me to catch up and I told him about it and he nonchalantly said “your dad's dying because he isn’t praying enough and that he would be healed if someone spoke in tongues over him” I was in disbelief that he got roped into the insane religious cult like his parents.

I told him that was the grossest thing I could ever hear from him and hung up. My father died 2 weeks later. It’s been two years and he hasn’t called or texted once. Good f*****g riddance. F**k you tim.

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I got cancer twice. He didn't bother to call, text or visit. Oh, this was pre pandemic so the hospitals were allowing visitors.

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I got tired of always being the one to put forth any effort. Fly across the world to meet up, attend family gatherings, reach out, be patient, make sacrifice. It was good times when we were together. So it was worth it for a while but when she moved close and still never bothered to make an effort, I was over it. Wish her nothing but the best.

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She was dating a really toxic guy and wouldn't listen to anyone who said to break it off, including me. We got in multiple fights about it until the guy said she wasn't allowed to talk to me anymore, that last fight was pretty ugly. So she called it quits with me. She's long since moved on to a better guy but I still miss her she was special to me.

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In 2020, my mom was diagnosed with cancer. At this time by grandfather was also fighting colon cancer; both of whom were in the “high risk” category for covid-19.

During the first summer of the pandemic, I would occasionally share things on social media about why it’s important to make up and social distance, then later on why people should get vaccinated.

Well, my ex best friend married a complete right-wing trumper POS that thought covid was a sham. He commented on one of my posts and we got in a mildly heated debate. Eventually, he said that he didn’t care that people would die, and that it’s a sacrifice to make for everyone’s freedoms.

When I expected my ex best friend to come to my aid, she backed him up. I was sickened. Have not ever spoken a word to either of them since.

I say good riddance.

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We planned a trip to another country, which she happened to have an online relationship with a guy who also lived there.
The moment we arrived off the plane and she found her bf, that was the last I saw of her until the end of the trip where we met at the airport. Very awkward experience, she also wanted him to join us in the hotel room, and was upset when I refused to allow him in. Once we got back home from the trip I never heard from her again.

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I had a good friend in 8th grade who was a very kind and affectionate person.

Never had a crush on her at all.

We were physically affectionate people, never sexual. She would mess with my hair, and sometimes put her hand on my leg, so I did the same.

At the time, her boyfriend was aware of our relationship, and was cool with it, I even was good friends with him.

One day, I got called to the principals office and I walked into my mother, father, principal, and a police officer asking me to sit down. I felt like someone I knew died, but no, they said that she had accused me of sexually assaulting her.

I spent 2 hours crying, giving them my phone, watching them comb through my texts, reviewing, video footage, and interviewing the boyfriend and the girl.

In the end, she lied to her parents because she got caught that she was dating her boyfriend, and used me as a scapegoat, and saying her boyfriend hit her.

The police called my household and said that I was free, and that if we wanted to sue, we would win.

The rest of the year, anytime I saw her, I walked away and threw up because I felt like I was a monster.

After severe depression, I sat in my room and got over it.

The following years, the boyfriend and I would joke about it all the time.

Good man, terrible friend girl.

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I came out to him

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my own transphobia

i've told this story countless amount of times now, but i'll say it again.

i had a crush on this person, ever since i was in 4th grade. always tried to be close to them, and half the time, i was. best friends, we trusted each other with every secret, told each other things we wouldn't tell anyone else. one day, they finally came out and told me they were trans and identified as a male.

i was devastated. my crush suddenly comes out as trans? this has to be a stupid trend, right? i acted cool at first, heavy emphasis on ACTED. i tried to remain friends but they definitely noticed me drifting away. one day, out of my dumb horny state, angry that my crush was a male, i came to them saying i was having a crisis and ghosted them for f*****g months.

didn't talk to them in the halls, didn't contact them afterwards, they were probably worried sick about. they eventually noticed this behavior and at somepoint, blocked me on all platforms. me, unable to speak with them, saw them in the halls of school one day and thought "huh, they look kinda cute" and realized i was still attracted to them.

i left them in a vulnerable state, in a confusing time, for f*****g nothing besides transphobia. since then, i've tried to find anyway to make contact with them. not to reconsile our friendship or give a shot at dating, but so i can say i'm sorry. i just hope they're successful in life, that's it. i just hope they didn't let a dumbass like me dictate their emotions and feelings. i was a huge jerk who didn't deserve them at all.

ever since, i've been making attempts to be less bigoted. more open, less misogynistic. i just don't want a repeat of last time, and don't want anyone to go through what they did.

my only real friend, the only one who actually cared about me, who would go through hell and back for me, pick me up when i'm broken and down, pushed away by my own f*****g transphobia.

sorry for the long read, i just don't like settling for small paragraphs. even then, i don't think this did it justice.

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Every single time that I would tell her I was interested in/talking to a guy, she would try to get with him. She was never successful but it hurt that she kept trying. I confronted her about this in a very nice and civil way and explained to her how I felt about this. She apologized profusely and promised it would never happened again. And then it happened again. I just immediately cut her off after that, no explanation or words needed. She knows what she did. Haven't spoken a word to her since

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My family was going through a hard time and had to move to an apartment suddenly. We had eight cats and they would only let us bring two. So my friend said she had really bonded with one of my cats and asked if she could take her. I really didn’t have many options for people who would take my cats on such short notice and was so heartbroken over this situation so I was absolutely delighted that she wanted to take the cat. Well a couple months into her having the cat I asked her how it was going and she told me the that the cat had started peeing on the furniture so they let her go outside. They hadn’t seen her since. I went and searched for the cat and couldn’t find her. After not speaking to her for weeks I decided to try to have a friendship with her again but it literally won’t work- I simply don’t like her anymore after that. Every time she would text me I would just roll my eyes and barely had the energy to respond. Then I finally just let it all out and blocked her on everything.

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She was extremely manipulative. They were always in a bad mood and was very rude day by day. At the time I was at a low point in my life and was very vulnerable. They were the only person who talked to me and she knew, using this against me whenever I tried to call her out. One day I found out she was only friends with me to get a passing grade in classes and for me to always get stuff for her. Thankfully I have left behind that point and now have a supportive group of friends today but I am still hurt on how I was used.


She cheated on this guy she was with almost constantly.

She cheated on him while miscarrying his child.
She cheated on him after she got a disease and he helped her learn to walk again.
She cheated on him after he raised her son and took care of him like his own.
She cheated on him after he dropped charges of assault against her and property damage.
She cheated on him after she ruined his reputation in the town (he comes from a big family business)
She cheated on him with the guy she left for him
She cheated on him and then posted screenshots of him having a breakdown (of course only his messages) calling him abusive - and everyone on FB ate it up, ‘cause “single mom with a kid is being mistreated!” ?

After I confronted her about how awful she was being, she said, “If you’re not on my side, you’re not my friend.”

12 years of best friendship down the drain. Just like that.


College roommates (shared a room for 2 years). Best friends. Turned out she was a raging klepto & pathological liar - stole everything from my car to my underwear and was a known thief around campus. Also was telling people lies about me to keep me isolated and basically make her the "one who was always there for me." confronted her with evidence and she never owned up to it, was stuck in a lease for a few more months and kept it civil then cut contact once i moved out. was really sad we were best friends or at least i thought we were.....

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Upgraded our relationship, from best friends of 6 years to lovers. Realized I was gay and we broke up barely a year after. Lost my best friend and lover. I miss my friend.

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Jealousy. We were super close for 20 years. And as we got older she compared absolutely everything we did. I wound up getting a great job and apartment and I watched it tear her apart. She even admitted to me that she had a hard time watching others do well. It was impossible for me to stick around. Constant micro aggressions. I tried my hardest to stay friends because we had been through so much together. But I finally realized it wasn’t fair to me to constantly, I mean constantly be secretive about my achievements or be on the receiving end of utter disdain. One day I stopped taking her calls and never looked back

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We had a relationship and I couldn't just stop having feelings

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Since the first times hanging I felt like she would make me look dumb when I was uninformed on a topic, being arrogant and even though I loved her so much as my best friend and years of friendship, deep down I always had trust issues with her because of her constant belittling me


Politics, unfortunately.

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Mental health, fell into depression which isolated me, and eventually made me forgotten by the world


Over the years be became increasingly more abusive to his wife. She is a stay at home mom and he is out of town 9 months out of the year for work. He moved her from CA to TX after driving a wedge in every relationship she’d built there. She got a job in TX to get out of the house while the kids were in school. He didn’t like her having friends. He came home for the summer and discovered the owners of the kids’ daycare were lesbians, so he pulled them out because he “doesn’t want them thinking that is okay.” He took them home and told his wife she needs to quit her job because they kids don’t have daycare anymore.

He will come home for the summer and smoke weed and do shrooms since he doesn’t get drug tested during that time. It was only okay for him. If she smokes, she is a “bad mom” because she cares more about drugs than she does the kids. He refuses to contribute to anything around the house - dishes, basic cleaning, garage, yard, feeding the kids - because he brings in 100% of the money. “Chores are the 100% her job”.

He had an affair last summer for 2-3 weeks. He’d just disappear for a week at a time. When he’d come home and the kids asked where he was, he’d tell them “I needed a break from mommy.” He almost got caught so he broke off the affair.

Trying to keep this short to maintain people’s interest, but the last straw was when he started locking his wife outside because she wouldn’t obey him. He hides the car keys so she can’t go anywhere and does not give her access to money. Essentially, he just makes her homeless at will whenever she doesn’t anticipate and tend to his every need.

F**k that guy. I put up with it for so long because we’d been friends since high school and our kids are good friends. After he started locking his wife outside, I decided that I can’t be civil anymore. He is not welcome at my house. He is not welcome around my kids. He is not welcome to LOOK at my wife, because I know how he views women and the superiority he feels over them. Knowing he looks at her as sub-human really gets my blood boiling.

I am ashamed that I ever called this poor excuse of a man my friend.


Bacterial meningitis ….after a few days of unanswered calls ( thought maybe I had pissed her off) I drove over to her house. Found my BFF deceased on the couch. Her 5 year old had luckily survived several days on her own.


My best friend was my cousin. Born the same year and raised together in nearby towns. We are from a purple state which bleeds more red every year. He turned Trump, very hard.

This was a cult conversion. He didn't watch Fox, because theybwere part of the MSM (in fact they are!). He went to conspiracy reddits, 8chan and discord and decided "for himself" that only an outsider like Trump could "break the wheel" and bring a new voice into US politics.

After that, nothing could turn him away. No moral failure, no policy failure, no amount of corruption.

We finally cut everything off when I said his illegal immigrant wife ought to suffer the same consequences others do under Trump. He said THIS DOESNT APPLY TO HER.

that was the end. It was a good friendship for 30 years.


We idolized each other, but then she started to adopt aspects of my personality, how I dressed, what music I listened to, etc. Then she started throwing herself at anyone she knew that I found attractive so she could “get” them first. Then she tried to screw my brother. In my bed.


My depression...oh and one stole a credit card and blamed it on me. I got arrested. While I was in jail (over Christmas mind you), she f****d my boyfriend.


I (18F) confessed how I was feeling about him (18M). I didn’t have any prior experience in relationships and so my words weren’t clear enough for him to understand that I like him.

He asked what I wanted to do about us and I thought it was a rejection done in a subtle way, so I just sent my goodbye letter and thanks.

It’s been half a year since we last talked.


She forgot to request off work the day I got married.


She was very pro-life, and shamed me for being pro choice and pro women, even though she had an abortion at 15 and it literally saved her life. I instantly cut ties with her. Dropped 10 years of friendship with one sentence. Never looked back.


He had a horrible birth defect where his brain formed in his d**k and he f****d my, at the time, girlfriend.


my mental health

I went to him for support and he just put me down now I don't talk to anyone about my mental health like I should but I can't trust anyone cuse in the end they don't care or make you feel even more bad about it


Being a compulsive liar for years, over stupid little things. Just got tired of it.

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Took an international vacation where we realized we hated damn near everything each other did the whole time. Realized year of seeing each other 1-2 times a month made us hardly know each other.

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She didn't invite me to her birthday party. It was my first time back from college and I would have been able to go. She made a whole Facebook event page and invited everybody but me. I found out through mutual friends, the kicker was no one showed up and she called me crying that this other girl didn't show up.

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My husband at the time had to step away from his job because he was dealing with pretty severe mental health issues. We had a young child and I was a stay-at-home mom and it was really devastating not only financially, but socially as a lot of our social life revolved around his job and work friends.

I was really good friends with a coworker’s wife. The coworker moved into my husband’s (higher up) position when my husband had to resign. We had to sell our home since we couldn’t make the mortgage payment anymore. The friend came to help me pack, and while doing so told me that they always knew this would happen because the Lord had revealed it to the husband in a dream several years earlier. They had basically been waiting around for my husband to “fail” so that coworker could “succeed” and fulfill the Lord’s prophesy.

Yeah no. Said goodbye to her, moved out of state, and never looked back. I won’t tolerate people using religion to be d***s.

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Time. We grew up, had kids, and moved apart.

Edit: I've know this guy since I was 6 or 7, which has now been 40+ years (ugh). He was my best friend, and I'd still consider him as such. We were both best men at each others' weddings, and I was the first non-family member invited to the hospital to hold his children after they were born.

Time just sneaks up on you - it's the small things to start with, and eventually, the relationship is still there but there's no significant time or contact spent on either side. We still text/call each other about 1-2 times a year about serious matters (family/jobs) but the regular "screwing around" time we used to have is done and gone. I know if either of us called the other and said "Hey, I need help ASAP" we'd both still drop whatever we were doing to help the other, but what I really miss is the small goofy interactions we used to have.

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Just made a post about this but she uses me as a therapist but when I try to vent to her, she gives me a few cliche words of support before turning the conversation back to her. It's gotten to the point where we don't talk unless she has a bad day and needs someone to talk to. She'll take days or even a week to respond to a funny meme but then immediately start dumping on me about things going on on her life. I'll invite her out to have fun and within a few hours, I'm being her life coach.

Also, we just started to grow apart. She's turned into her parents and her parents are the typical snobby surban people that are extremely judgemental.

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He leaked personal files that were information about the people we take in (he was my coworker at a funeral home) and tried to blame it on me. Those files included autopsies, pictures of the actual body, legal information and so on. He would also not follow the requests given by family members (religious practices such as thoroughly cleaning the body before burial etc). Just a horrible person over all, and I truly believe that he leaked those things for personal fetishes because he had serious problems and we were suspecting him already.

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Junior year of high school I started dating a black guy (no one she knew). She told me to choose. She lost. Relationship didn't last forever but I got my amazing firstborn out of it.


I was long term single & lonely. He was married, and suddenly all he could talk about was how much fun he was having by cheating on his wife.

After a while of getting more and more depressed by being around him, I had thoughts like:

- How can I claim to respect women if I’m hanging out with him?
- How can I claim to respect relationships and marriage if I’m hanging out with him?
- I’d honestly rather have nobody to hang out with than someone who only talks about cheating on his wife.

I ghosted him as much as is possible when you work at the same office. I’ve not seen any sign of him in ~15 years and I’ll be happy to never see him again.

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A car accident, he went to his new job with a new car and never heard of him after that, got a letter from his parents that he will be buried soon, will never forget about him, he was such a good friend to me..

Edit: im doing better nowadays and i wish you the same recovery from your losses, i shared so many things with my bro and also knew he dreamed to become a good dad to a cute daugther, he wanted kids, he been making me crazy telling me that story over and over again, now it's just hunting me when i think about it but, maybe i can make him happy when i keep his wish in my heart idk, still hits me everday when this comes up.

we can just move on and take that with us

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I grew up and she didn't.

I was ready to move forward in my life, I had a good long-term relationship and was looking forward to getting married, starting a family, and all that but she was a single mom who just wanted to party all the time. I know people look at it and say I got old and she knows how to have a good time but being the way she is, it takes a toll on your physical and mental health after a while. She hasn't been in a good place for years.

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He set up a fake messenger account and tried to catfish me into cheating on my wife. At first I had no idea who it was so I played along to get clues, he screenshot all of me playing along and conveniently left out me calling him out and sent them to my wife. Caused havoc in my marriage and almost led to a divorce. I literally have no clue why he did it, he was even my best man at my wedding and vice versa. He never actually fessed up to it and maintained it wasn’t him, even though I have good evidence it was. So, I blocked him on social media and deleted his number. Haven’t talked to him since.


She decided her 2 month long relationship with her boyfriend was too good for our 5 year long friendship. And we were very close as friends. I had to find out from her that she ended the friendship as she casually blocked me in every possible way. When I asked her why, she said I talk to her too much. What kind of best friend says that?

Edit: they also broke up after 4 months of dating


Talked to an ex-friend of both of us, didn't like it and made me choose. A little manipulative tho, always made everyone feel less than her. So I decided to cut those things out of my life. Got cut out of the friend group, and into depression because of it.
But well, here we are.


I was her agony aunt for 7 years while she navigated a train wreck of a relationship with an alcoholic (and secretly gay) boyfriend. She went and married him against the collective advice of family and friends. And I was her agony aunt once more through 3 years of marriage. There were never any fun times but what was I going to do? Abandon my friend?
She eventually filed for divorce and right about that time, I was pregnant and ended up having a miscarriage. I couldn't really be there for her because I was going through mental hell plus physically I needed intense treatment to bounce back. So she pitches a hissy fit about how I am selfish and uncaring and badmouthed me to all our common friends. On top of that, she messaged my husband on Facebook and talked trash about me by bringing up my relationships before him and invited him for drinks with a promise to dish out more about me. That's when I slammed the door shut in her face. My only regret is that I took years to do it.


I was dating mine. When we originally started, I remember saying that regardless if we didnt stay as romantic partners, I wanted to preserve our friendship because she was so dear to me. We spent 2 years together, but I felt like we had grown distant and that neither of us had the time/effort for a relationship.

So I tried to step away and go back to being friends. She didnt comprehend that at all. She immediately just, read everything I said/texted as the ABSOLUTE opposite. Cut me out of all our mutual friend groups and from mutual friends. Burnt the f*****g bridge. I was devastated. I tried so hard to be absolutely clear that I just wanted some space, I just wanted to be friends again for a bit. But no. It was either girlfriends or nothing. So I got nothing.

I'm f*****g broken. She was my best friend and I truly did care and love her. But now she's hurt me so badly by being passive aggressive and petty, doing things that she KNOWS would hurt me and they do. I hate everything. I didnt want this. I feel so empty and lost without her, we were friends for TEN YEARS. She was one of the few constants I had in my shitty young-adulthood.

It's been three months now. I dont know if I'll ever recover. It seems like she's replaced me already and all I can do is sit here, in silence and suffer alone.


He hated that I started dating my now fiancé, soon to be wife.
Started calling me whipped, starting talking s**t behind my back (talking s**t about my girl) constantly. I found out he was like that pretty much throughout our entire friendship. Ended up causing a lot of problems when we were renting a property off of his mom, and that’s what ended the friendship for good. He was texting his mom telling her how much of a b***h my fiancé is, and his mom showed us the texts.
Disrespect me all you want, but don’t disrespect my girl. He was obviously never a real friend but he was the only actual friend I had growing up. We were 21 when we stopped being friends. I don’t really have any friends now, and it sucks.


They told me that they never really cared about my hobbies, interests, passions, etc, and actually feigned interest for at least half of our 'friendship' (give or take two years)

You know how people cheat because they're bored of the person yet still want the emotional support of their partner? It was kinda like that. They still hypocritically spoke to me about their interests during this time, and I would still try to console them whenever they were going through something. The sheer hypocrisy of it finally woke me up to just how one sided our 'friendship' actually was, so I told them outright that I'm no longer speaking to them


It started to become a very one sided friendship where I was always being asked for favors but never getting anything in return. Also lost several friends when I cut down heavily on smoking weed.


Unfortunately, AIDS.

Tony was always out to have fun, unencumbered by social norms or any hint of brevity, he was the life of the party and my best friend since we met in 8th grade. We went through *a lot* together. Lost him six years ago and will never forget his radiance or laugh.


Toxic. Constantly negative. Constantly telling me how much more successful they are than me (they are, but I'm doing very well), demanding I play specific games with them. Known 'em for around 25 years. Decided the stress/harassment was no longer worth it. Hurts every day. I want to tell my bud about things going on, laugh at people with him, etc. But it's better this way.


Valued working all the time and making money over staying in touch. Final straw was ghosting(didn’t answer texts or calls) me and another friend for a dinner we had planned weeks earlier. The other friend was visiting from out of town too. We ended up having a great time without them anyway.


He got a girlfriend, and she didn't want him having friends.


He turned out to be a pretty manipulative, abusive narcissist, that sapped my energy, strength, and was overall a terrible person. No one has treated me worse than that, it was an incredibly dark wake up call to the kinds of people out there.


He got into ju jitsu ended up with a micro bleed on his brain and it entirely changed his personality my best friend of over fifteen years was no longer the same person.


Best friends since Jr high. We had a toxic past & hurt each other a lot while growing up. For about a decade, I wanted to get away from her. She resented anything good that happened to others, she would drag down anyone for trying to be positive. She was always the "I'm going to say whatever I want & I don't care what others think" type. She could dish insults and judgements all day but never could accept the slightest criticism. She would gather info to tell her friends' significant others just to start drama. It was always "life hates me" but she never did anything to improve her situation. She actively made it worse. We got into a fight one day & she was so mad that it was just the perfect opportunity to walk away.


I lived in a building for disabled and seniors. A lady on the first floor would cry out at the top of her lungs every few minutes. We were near that apt waiting for the elevator, and he couldn't stop laughing at her. We now keep in touch via FB, but that was really the end. Cruelty is a line I don't cross.


Sometimes you aren't your best friend's best friend.
This isn't my best friend but what I thought was a great friend:
Somewhere in 2020 he started a very successful company. I invited him to my wedding and asked him to be my witness. He told me he had something that weekend. I assumed his startup took a lot from him so I said no big deal. A couple months later I told him I might change job in the upcoming months. He told me he had a job for me at his company and basically convinced me to meet his team for an interview. I didn't hear from them for months. Since he was out of the interview process I asked whats up to one of the employee and the reply was that he (my friend at the time) was supposed to call me back


Her boyfriend and me blowing up.

So first off: me and her hang out almost every single day and weekend for years. We were inseparable like twins before. Even after she switched to a better highschool, nothing changed much. She had a bit less time as she studied hard. After a year or so I met my boyfriend. After a couple of months the relationship went downhill. Lots of fights, he abused me, rape, threatened if I wanted to leave, cheated etc... needless to say I was extremely depressed. During this time she met her boyfriend too. And he was always around. It was impossible to do something with her alone. And I needed her, though I never told her what is really happening in my relationship. I was too ashamed. One day we wanted to meet (after 3 months!!!!) but then she didn't and said her boyfriend doesn't like this bar... I asked her then if he really needed to come and if I cannot have my best friend for myself for just 1 hour after 3 months of not even seeing her. Arguing and discussing led to a massive fight. It ended with her saying I don't accept her boyfriend and he anyway told her I was a bad influence because of my lack of perspective (as said I was depressed)... so she ended the friendship. It broke my heart and I cried for months.
Lorena if you read this and if you are on reddit: I am so so sorry... I still love you and miss you!

Also: I wish people would talk more about friendship break-ups. It's worse than a relationship break-up.


We were friends since primary school and in primary she had a very typical child-like personality, as you'd expect a child to have of course. The thing is, as we got older, she never lost this personality. She still behaved like a child in the sense that she was over the top positive about every little thing that happened. I don't think that's a bad thing; she saw the world through rose coloured glasses and added her own glitter to it.There are reasons for her being like that - dysfunctional family life, abusive father, she was the middle child who felt as though she had to keep the peace amongst everyone so she developed this personality to compensate for the negativity of her home life. But for me, I didn't feel like she and I were compatible anymore as friends as I often felt like I had to match her energy when I was around her. This slowly got more and more difficult, especially in my late teens as I went through a severe period of depression, so being her friend overall was exhausting. Eventually we just faded out of each others lives.
She's the one friend I feel guilty about drifting apart from because unlike my other friends, she did absolutely nothing wrong. She's someone who's truly wholesome in spite of everything she grew up with.

We're in our twenties now. Our mums are still close. Last I heard she's met a wonderful guy whom she's living with. She doesn't want to get married (and I don't blame her) but he treats her right, which is all that matters, and I couldn't be happier for her.


Her allowing me to take my toddler into her known boyfriends drug house to use the bathroom; then broke into my house the following evening. And tried to beat me up while she was 6-7 months pregnant in a Walmart parking lot.


He died. Miss him. We met at 4 yrs old. Friends for about 30 years. He’s been gone 8 years now.


I was pretty much his only friend. He would come to me for attention but for whatever reason wasn’t able to make any interaction about me. It was always about him. On his terms. Me me me me.

We lived together for a few years and it was mostly good. As soon as we moved into different places the convenience of our friendship died, and it was replaced by him only wanting to engage with me on his terms around things he wanted.

I slowly grew exhausted by it and found myself investing in people who were able to give as well as receive.


When I realized he was a bully. I just wanted his friendship and attention, and then I realized he was using me for kicks.

I put up with his b******t because I wanted to be liked.


He was secretly recording women he had sex with from tinder. He would also record his massage therapy clients. I called him out for it several times and still continued.


I realized that I was doing all of the phone calls and texts and he never initiated anything.


she was my best friend for two years.

we were in similar traumatic experiences and we helped each other throughout the 22 months we were best friends and we had a great friendship. we protected each other.

one day she told me her father was back from jail and she was scared. i don't remember exactly what he went to jail for, but he was gone for about 6 years. she told me, on may eighteenth 2020, that she could not handle it anymore, that she was exhausted.

two hours later, her older sister finds her and tells their grand parents and then me that she had hung herself. her exact words were: "im so sorry Grace, she's gone. my little sister is gone."


I annoyed her slightly for about 10 seconds one day so she ended up cyberbullying me severely over several platforms and several weeks.

it was honestly for the best, she was toxic as f**k.


One of my ex-best friends has BPD. We’d been friends since we were 8 (I’m 32). I’m in the process of filing for divorce, been separated for over a year, have a wonderful new SO, kids, school, had a job for awhile (in-between now)… apparently, when I separated from my husband I was supposed to have more time for her. She lives 2 hours away. She started calling me and being passive aggressive about how I haven’t called her, she’d been sad, etc.

At the time I was a pizza delivery driver working 3-10 and sometimes until 1 am. One night she called me late, drunk as hell, and I was exhausted and probably a little too honest about my feelings regarding her leaving her a*****e boyfriend for the thousandth time in 4 years. I told her if she was really done she wouldn’t be sending him texts saying things like “I’ve always loved you, I’m going to miss you.”

Woke up the next day I was blocked on everything. She told another friend of mine that since I got separated “everything is about *my name*”

Haven’t heard from her since, it’s been 3 months. I’m fine with it.


Never lend money to a friend, especially if you can't afford to.


I heard him making fun of me to other kids in school. That one really cut deep.


I slept with one of her friends from her work and she basically stopped talking to me.

At the time I didn’t see what the issue was back then but now, six or seven years on, I think she may have had feelings for me and my stupid a*s didn’t pick up on it. Idk.


Jail... He went to jail for a really dumb reason and wont return letters. Idk if it's embarrassment or what but he doesn't seem to want to be contacted.


I was in a relationship with someone who my best friend assumed was a bad guy, but in reality he wasn't. She tried to get me to hookup with someone else while I was with this man and I refused. She ended up outing my relationship to my mother and spread rumors about us. When I confronted her about it, she played dumb. I felt so betrayed I just never spoke to her again and now that guy and I are getting married and have a baby.


Her dad died unexpectedly and I was there for her. My dad died unexpectedly a year later and she was not (maybe couldn’t be) there for me. It happens, life is weird.


She became a habitual cheater. She was married to a great guy who worked hard and I honestly thought they had a great marriage. We met for lunch one day and she tells me that she doesn’t love her husband and that she never has. She realized that she didn’t love him because she truly loved her affair partner. I was shocked and even hurt that things had gone so far without her telling me. I told her I would support her during the divorce and offered to let her stay with me. She explained that she wasn’t going to tell her husband and wanted to wait until they were more financially stable to divorce him. I was honestly disgusted that she would continue to sleep with her husband while having an affair. She called me judgey and told me that I should just support her and love her and let her lead her own life.

After a while more information came out. She had originally cheated on her husband with a colleague on a work trip. She said she was just drunk and it was a mistake. The man she said she was in love with is a different colleague who also happens to be married. She has always been a good friend me but watching her treat her husband so poorly was awful, and she seemed to have no shame. She would lie to travel to meet her AP, even having her mother in law babysit her two kids. I got urgent calls from her asking me to take down social media posts because she had told her husband she was with me. I just hated knowing about it, and she made me feel bad for not being willing to meet him. We took a girls trip to Vegas and she ended up leaving us to go sleep with two random men we met there. This behavior was so out of the norm for our friend group, and she was the only one that was married and supposedly in love with her AP.

Eventually the affair ended, with her husband never finding out. She finally told him she was unhappy, and he did everything anyone should want a spouse to do. He offered to change jobs, work less (she didn’t want to have to deal with less money), wanted to go to counseling, basically told her she was the love of his life and he would do anything to make her happy. She hated this and criticized every attempt he made to heal their marriage.

She just seemed to hate him for no reason. She started talking more about a couple that she works with. I was suspicious that she had a crush on the husband but I knew she was friends with the wife too. She got really sick one day and the wife went and picked up her kids and watched them while she recovered. I called one day and her coworker was at her house baking cookies with her boys, I asked where her husband was and she said he was doing Yardwork. I thought it was weird that a married man would be baking cookies with a married coworker, but just assumed surely she wouldn’t be so blatant.

I had gotten really concerned about her mental health and her erratic behavior but things seemed better. We had dinner and I told her I thought she was glamorizing divorce and that actually dating is hard and gets messy. She assured me that she had both eyes open and honestly made me feel like I was getting my old friend back. After the dinner I was telling a mutual friend how I thought she was doing better and this friend spilt the beans.

She was sleeping with her coworker. Apparently this affair had started months before around the time the wife gave birth to their first baby. So the woman who was such a good friend that while pregnant took care of her children while she was too sick to, that’s who’s husband she decided to sleep with. Apparently she knew I wouldn’t take this well, so she decided not to tell me. Instead she would specifically tell me great things about this guy and horrible things about his wife, so that when they ended up together I’d approve.

I was just done. We never even talked about it. She’s reached out several times but I have no desire to have her in my life


She found me a place to stay for free with one of her friends during my divorce. I was insanely depressed and I was a horrible roommate.

She found me a great opportunity to restart my life, and I just pissed all of her friends off.

I don’t blame her. I was a total wreck during those months. Just miss that friend I had for 20 years.


she tried setting up her gay friend with our mutual gay friend, and the mutual friend wasn't interested. She couldn't get the hint, so I told her to cut it out. still didn't get it and kept trying. called her rude and a sh**ty friend and then she "dumped" me. the mutual friend, the ex best friend and I haven't talked in over 6 years. oh well, it was all toxic anyway


I’m a leap year baby, I try to make a big deal of my bday since it only comes every four years. My 24th, I booked a beach house to spend it with my family, my other best friend and her. Told her two months in advanced. Paid for everything and family took care of the food, so all she had to do was show up. The day comes and she said she couldn’t come cause she couldn’t get off work early enough (we were there on a Thursday-Sunday) so I thought she’d at least make an effort to come on the weekends. She never came. Then a week later, she tweets that she’s compulsively took time off work to watch F1. Felt like she couldn’t even make time for me but can make time to watch cars racing.


He was an aspiring comedian(less than a week in) and wanted to get some feedback on his jokes. I didn’t laugh or blow smoke up his a*s on said jokes. He cursed me out, hung up on me and we haven’t spoke since. This happened 5 years ago.


Time, distance, and an aversion to social media.


Best friends since second grade. He peaked in high school and I did after. Got his heart broken by the girl he was dating in high school and it must have impacted him significantly as he was smoking weed a lot. I got married he was my best man. In the middle of my reception he left saying he was sick. We hung out once after that with my wife, him still being single. Would ask for advice once and a while (tables turned). He became a cop shortly after.

Rarely talked. I'd text him long paragraphs telling him about our distance as we only seen each other once or twice in the past 4-5 years. I had my first kid he still hasn't made an effort to see her.

Unless he reaches out to me for something I would no longer reach out. I also realized his political stance changed as well since being a cop. He supported Trump and I didn't.

Breaks me every time I think of him and what I could have possibly done wrong. Not sure if it's because he was always ahead of me in life and I've settled down, financially stable, etc that intimidates him but I'm done. Every year I'd wish him happy birthday, every year he forgets mine.

He's always busy "working" but he lives 5 minutes walking distance. It's unforgivable in my opinion. Wish him the best of luck but the best friend he had won't be there for him anymore.


He moved off. I made efforts to reach out but he never did.


You know, I still don't know.

We were super close for about seven years, maybe? Since my first year in college. Then she just didn't want to be friends with me anymore. Clearly, she felt something was amiss between us because our mutual friends also gave me the cold shoulder after that.

Honestly, it actually wasn't as devastating as it sounds. I think she would have told me if I legit did something bad so probably something else was going on. She came out as a lesbian and got a girlfriend right before this, and I think that had a lot to do with it. Maybe the girlfriend didn't like her GF having such a close woman friend?

The weird thing was I did not find it devastating and I never thought I would be that kind of person. But, as soon as those other people sort of turned on me, I was out of there with that group. I felt it was good riddance to bad rubbish if that's what they were like. Maybe I would have been distraught if we were all still in college. However, we were way past that time, plus that type of politicking seemed childish.


He said something disgusting to a girl on reddit and I wasn’t comfortable being his friend after that.


Didn’t want to date him


She told me I was a pussy if I didn't lose my virginity on a vacation trip to see my boyfriend.

Both our parents would be there too, and I didn't want to personally. Her boyfriend agreed with her and they laughed about it.

This also ruined my friendship with our mutual friend because he invited me over to hang out with them both, I declined, and he told me I was being dramatic.

8 years of friendship down the drain.


Heroin addiction followed by death by overdose.


She slept with a married guy. I said i thought that was immoral of both of them. We ended up arguing whether that is legitimately polyamory (afaik the wife never knew). I dont know how they ended up now, and to be honest, im a bit curious too


Keep putting off texting him back. Ah, s**t — it’s 10:00. So late. What if he wants to talk? I’ll just do it tomorrow.

It’s been 10 years now.


His ego got way too much for me to put up with. Plus I knew I wasn't going to forgive him for the damage he did to my place unless he paid me back or help fix the stuff. He almost went out of his way to do so little or be a more of pain than his worth.


Dude wasn't involved with his two kids.


I’ve meet this friend on our first day at school ( age 3/4 ) but when I we where 16, I was expelled from our catholic school for a beef with a priest, and was at the begging of the social media era, so he never send me any messages and in my shame I never tried to keep in touch. Despite felling that I was forgotten and became a ghost in memory, I don’t blame him. Wherever we meet in any occasion or something, I feel the loneliness and sadness gnawing my heart of losing the first friend I’ve ever had and I wonder if he ever felt sad or was so easy to move on


I’m in bed listening to my 16yo cry in the next room. She and her best friend since preschool have grown apart and they finally had the “friend breakup” talk tonight. They’ve really just pursued different sports which has led to different groups of friends and little spare time (her BFF is truly gifted in her sport and is a two-time individual state champ going into her junior year - the kid trains 6 days a week, year-round, with tons of travel). Nothing really dramatic happened between them, but my girl is bereft :( I’ve sent the dog in to comfort her.


He didn’t grow up. He was a d**k to me and my other friends. Whenever I was playing with another friend he would get jealous then join our GTA session and grief us. Or when I told him off(yes he deserved it) he would play dumb and act like he did nothing wrong and I was the bad guy. So basically he had his head in his a*s 24/7 and couldn’t realize that the reason he had no friends and they distanced themselves from him was because of his doing. He litteraly has no friends me and my other 2 friends were his last friends and he f****d it all up. Quite sad honestly.

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