Save up to 50% on Counting and Math Toys from Amazon Today Only!


Save up to 50% on Counting and Math Toys on Amazon today only! This set of 60 Counting Bears with Matching Bowls is reduced to $12.53 (regularly $17.99). This Sorting Bears and Matching Bowls set includes 60 bear counters and 6 sorting bowls in 6 colors: blue, orange, red, yellow, purple and green. It also includes a color spinner, number spinner and Activity Guide.  Spin the spinners and watch children count, sort, match and more! Create sequences and patterns with the adorably detailed teddy bear counters. The bright colors and intricate details on these bears attract and motivate young minds to learn.

  • “BEARY” CUTE LEARNING — This educational toy includes 60 bear counters and 6 sorting bowls in 6 colors. It also includes a color spinner, number spinner and Activity Guide
  • HANDS-ON EARLY MATH LESSONS — Dump out the bears and use the bowls or spinners to count, sort and match! The counting bears are a colorful resource to practice sequencing and patterning
  • WASHABLE AND DURABLE — Made of durable plastic, these manipulatives are firm and washable. These math manipulatives are designed to last for years at home or in the classroom!
  • INCLUDES ACTIVITIES — Use the included Activity Guide to create hands-on measurement activities. Teach parts of a whole, patterning, less than, greater than and more!
  • NURTURE COGNITIVE FUNCTION — Sorting toys develop logic, hand-eye coordination, and fine motor skills. They’re a classic resource for every classroom or in-home learning environment
  • ADORABLE TEDDIES — Kids are fascinated by the bright colors and adorable details of these teddy bear counters! Be inspired for role play and open-ended learning activities
  • MOTIVATE YOUNG MINDS — This preschool activity inspires kids to learn through play. Toddlers and Preschool-aged children will love to play and learn with stress-free, hands-on math lessons
  • LEARNING THROUGH PLAY — Our products inspire children to play with purpose. Play is the best teacher! Our high-quality, educational resources fulfill learning needs from 18 months to 12 years

This Student Math Balance is reduced to $5.84 (regularly $8.99).  The Student Math Balance helps kids visualize and manipulate number relationships. Teach and demonstrate addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and basic algebraic equations with this student-sized balance. This self-checking, plastic balance displays number relationships of equal to (=), greater than (>), less than ( Students will easily grasp various number concepts because they can see the results! They will love to take math into their own hands and work towards solutions to math equations.

  • ADAPTABLE TO MANY MATH CONCEPTS — Teach STEM with this proven math tool that leverages the power of a balance scale to explore math concepts and number relationships, equivalents and operations as part of a STEM curriculum
  • DEMONSTRATE EARLY ALGEBRA —Students will begin to visualize early algebraic equations when they balance equivalent numbers on both sides
  • HANDS-ON MATH — Give kids a break from pencils with this hands-on teaching aid. Students will love to manipulate the weights while they calculate math problems
  • VISUAL AID — Use the weights to demonstrate operations and equivalent numbers through balancing out the t-shaped scale
  • BUILT TO LAST — Made from durable plastic, this balance beam set can withstand classroom use
  • STUDENT EDITION — Measuring 14″ across, this desktop version is perfect for every student to use on their own or in small groups
  • GREAT VALUE — The Student Math Balance includes 20 weights for individual or group learning

This set of Set of 36 Sorting and Stacking Stones with 20 Activity Cards is reduced to $18.56 (regularly $34.99)! Rainbow Pebbles are an exciting construction and early mathematics manipulative. These multicolored stones are perfect for counting, sorting and creating colorful designs, thereby combining math with art! Kids can grow their fine motor skills as they construct, stack and count. How many pebbles can be stacked before they topple over? The open-play nature of these vibrant stones enables kids to explore with their own activities and games. Or, they can use the activity cards included for inspiration in building everyday objects out of the pebbles.

  • BRIGHT COLORS AND WONDERFUL TO TOUCH — These lightweight, colorful stones have immediate visual appeal plus their warm, smooth surface makes them a wonderfully tactile early math resource. Children will be fascinated by the pebbles’ bright colors, odd shapes and warm feel which make stacking even more fun.
  • TEACH STEM — These plastic pebbles are great for stacking and developing fine motor skills. Use the multiple colored pebbles to make artistic designs or teach children counting and sorting exercises.
  • AN EARLY MATH MANIPULATIVE — Young minds will love this hands-on teaching aid in learning how to count, add and subtract.
  • DEVELOP LANGUAGE AND DESCRIPTIVE SKILLS — The vibrant colors and varying sizes of the pebbles inspire kids to practice their adjectives and talk about their designs.
  • AWARD WINNING DESIGN — Rainbow Pebbles was Learning Magazine 2018 Preschool Teachers’ Choices Award winner and Till wig Toy Awards Top Fun Award winner.
  • SUITS ALL AGES — The versatility of this teaching aid ensures that students from preschool to kindergarten and up will learn from these colorful shapes.
  • CONVENIENT STORAGE — Packaged in a durable plastic storage case for easy clean up, ensuring of the colorful stacking plastic stones are lost. This also teaches preschoolers and kindergarten students the value of organization.
  • GREAT VALUE — 20 double-sided activity cards are included to show colorful designs and ways to stack the pebbles. Use as a teaching aid to assist child creativity.

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