Pool Noodle Learning Activity: Alphabetical Order Obstacle Course


Get the wiggles out while racing through this alphabetical order obstacle course using alphabet pool noodles! Great for practicing letter learning.

Pool Noodle Learning Activity: Race through this Alphabetical Order Obstacle Course to practice ABC's

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Alphabetical Order Obstacle Course

Learning Objective: Say the alphabet letter names in order.

Materials Needed

Click here for directions on how to make the ABC Beads.

How to Play Alphabetical Order Obstacle Course:

1. Turn the abc pool noodle bead upside down.

2. Shove a craft stick into one side.

3. Place the stick into the ground spaced 3-5 feet apart from each other.

4. Let the kids run around the obstacle course in alphabetical order.

Option 1: (Easiest) Put the alphabet pool noodle beads in the ground in abc order and let the children run through the course and say the letter names out loud.

Option 2: Call out a letter name, have the child run through the obstacle course to that letter then turn around.

Option 3: (most challenging) Set the pool noodle alphabet beads out in a mixed up order. Have the children run the obstacle course from a-z.

Teacher tip: This activity works best in an open area with lots of space. Encourage children to take their time and not bump into the letter beads or each other.

We like to space kids out in the obstacle course every 5 seconds.

Alphabet obstacle courses pieces with pool noodles and popsicle sticks

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