Penguin Virtual Field Trips for Kids


Explore over 80 Penguin Themed Virtual Field Trips with your child! This is the ultimate collection of Penguin Videos for kids.

Are you ready to go on a penguin adventure?

In this guide, you will discover the 18 types of penguins located around the world in the southern hemisphere with kid-friendly videos of penguins.

The Ultimate Collection of Penguin Videos for Kids

Penguin Virtual Field Trips for Kids

Penguins are such fun animals to learn about with kids of all ages. It may be the reason why there are so many adorable penguin books for kids. This video collection shares mom-approved, teacher-approved videos for you to explore penguins and where they live.

Before you get started, print out your penguin virtual field trip log to track all of your penguin adventures.

Videos about Penguin Facts for Kids

This collection has kid-friendly videos sharing penguin facts for your child.

Did you know that Penguins are excellent indicators of the health of the ocean?

The ultimate collection of penguin videos for kids

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Where do Penguins live?

Major populations of penguins are found in…

  • Angola
  • Antarctica
  • Argentina
  • Australia
  • Chile
  • Namibia
  • New Zealand
  • South Africa

You can learn more about where penguins live from Penguins World.com

This video list of penguins is based on where penguins live to help your child learn about the different types of penguins and about the world and where penguins can be found… it’s not just Antarctica.

Penguins on iceberg in Antarctica

Penguins in Antarctica

emperor penguin with baby in antarctica

Macaroni penguins breed in at least 216 colonies at 50 sites.

Penguins in Angola

Penguins in Argentina

Penguins in Australia

Penguin in Chile

Penguins in New Zealand

Penguin on Beach in South Africa

Penguins in South Africa

Be sure to watch Penguin Town on Netflix as a family.

Penguins in South Georgia

Penguins in Peru

Baby Penguin Virtual Tours

Penguins and their babies are a story on their own! We put together this collection to learn more about penguin babies and how their parents care for them in a unique way. Can you imagine building a rock nest?

Virtual Tours of Penguins at Zoos and Aquariums

Penguins can be found in various aquariums and zoos around the world. Here’s a peek at some of their lives.

Penguin Virtual Field Trip Log

Track your virtual journey with the penguins all over the southern hemisphere using our printable virtual field trip log.

Virtual Field Trip Log Printable on wood floor with pencil, space shuttle and globe

Types of Penguins

  1. King Penguin
  2. Emperor Penguin
  3. Gentoo Penguin
  4. Adelie Penguin
  5. Chinstrap Penguin
  6. Southern Rockhopper Penguin
  7. Northern Rockhopper Penguin
  8. Fiordland Penguin
  9. Snares Penguin
  10. Erect-crested Penguin
  11. Macaroni Penguin
  12. Royal Penguin
  13. Yellow-eyed Penguin
  14. Little Penguin
  15. African Penguin
  16. Humboldt Penguin
  17. Magellanic Penguin
  18. Galapagos Penguin

There are 18 species in the penguin family, of which 11 are Globally Threatened according to BirdLife on behalf of the IUCN Red List.

Explore the various types of penguins and photos of them from these resources with your child.

Penguin Virtual Field Trips! The ultimate collection of penguin videos for kids!

Why are penguins becoming endangered?

Penguins face many threats, from introduced predators and diseases, and geological events like volcanic eruptions, to pollution, getting tangled in fishing nets, climate change and severe weather.

People love penguins but are unaware of their decline. Global Penguin Society has devised solutions to tackle their problems head on

Sir David Attenborough

Penguin Songs for Kids on Youtube

Penguin Themed Alphabet Game for Preschoolers with Printables
Penguin Activities for Kids
A collection of penguin books for kids

Penguin Activities for Kids

Looking for more Virtual Field Trips?

Here are 50+ great Virtual Field Trips for your child to explore. From zoos and landmarks to famous museums, you can explore the world with your child with over a month of virtual field trips! Plus use our Virtual Field Trip Log!

Virtual Field Trips for Kids

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