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Whenever I get a new Bible lesson I like to look and see other ways I can use or teach the same item. So, I’ve been playing around with different ways to use my Jesse Tree ornaments I made, and this is the third way (obviously the first way is just as ornaments). We’re going to look at Jesus’ family tree through Jesse Tree ornaments in a fun new game called Jesus’ Family or Not Family, a Jesse Tree game.

A New way to use Jesse Tree Ornaments and learn about Jesus' family tree

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Supplies for Jesse Tree game

Jesse Tree ornaments (November 28), cardstock, scissors, 2 bowls, blue tape, markers

Prepping the game

It’s pretty simple, cut out all of the ornaments (I realized as I was cutting them out, it does not perfectly align from page to page, so you have to cut out each page individually).

Then label the two bowls. Label the first Jesus’ family, and the second bowl Not Jesus’ family.

A new way to use Jesse Tree Ornaments

As you can see two nice and simple labels.

Now, let’s play the Jesse Tree game, Jesus’ family or Not His Family

This works very well with Jesus’ family tree lesson. Now, I sat there and literally threw Jesse Tree ornaments into the different bowls, but obviously, you could:

  • turn it into a relay race, where you run up with one and put it in the right bowl
  • sit there with your small group and talk about the ornaments, what do you do with John the Baptizer? He’s Jesus’ cousin, do you put him in the family, or do you put him in Not Jesus’ Family because John the Baptizer is not part of his direct line?
  • You could hid them around the room and find them to put into the right area.

I’d love to hear some of the discussion from this, what do you do with Joseph, Jacob’s son. He’s technically Jesus’ 200 great uncle, but also not. I mean if you go with that reckoning, Moses is Jesus’ cousin since he’s in the tribe of Levi. But, it would be a fun discussion with upper elementary kids.

Obviously not preschoolers. Preschool kids probably would not give you a good discussion.

Oh wait! I just thought of another way to use them

In Jesus family tree or not another way to use Jesse Tree ornaments

Oh, you know another way you could use these?

Put them in chronological order. That could be an interesting idea, for the most part as you read through the passages, they’re in chronological order, but the various different thematic passages aren’t in chronological order. Also, when it’s all mixed up, that does make for a bit more work to get it all in order.

Okay, this is a pretty short post, there is only so much you can say about a new variation on a relay game.

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