Indoor Activities For The Family


Keeping children entertained during the cold winter months can be a difficult task. Television viewing, computer time, and video games are all too often a staple of indoor activities. This article contains some fun and often educational alternatives for indoor activities for the families. What are some indoor activities? Let’s look at these fun indoor activities for the family below!

Family Museum Visit

Museums can be a wonderful place to educate and entertain children. Young children can often explore and admire, while older teens can investigate science, history, or art in further depth.

There are many different types of museums available for fun family outings. These include art museums, science museums, and natural history, or history-based museums. Additionally, there may be a local selection of very specific museums that focus on state or city history/historical figures.

Choose a museum based on family need. Consult museum websites or call the museum directly to learn about special family programs and exhibits. Make sure that the museum is appropriate for the child (or children) in the family. Consider museum subject matter and the child’s age, attention level, interests, or favourite subjects in school.

Performing Arts and Children

Another great indoor activity for families is a visit to a live performance. This includes the theatre, ballet, or a variety of musical performances. Search for a performing art that specifically interests the child or family. For example, if the child is beginning to take violin lessons, a symphony might be appropriate.

When selecting a performing arts activity for the family, remember to consider the subject matter and length of the performance in terms of the child’s age. Avoid subject matter that is considered mature in nature or may be frightening to a young child. It is also advisable to choose performance based on program length. A preschool-aged child may not be able to sit through the ballet with two-hour long acts but may be comfortable with a forty-five-minute long play.

In order to select an appropriate and enjoyable performance, consult the website for the performing arts organization offering production, look for reviews in local newspapers or magazines, or call the organization directly. Many performing arts organizations have an education or community engagement department that may be of help in answering questions. Box office or ticketing staff may be able to direct parents to the best seats for young children in terms of view and ease of entrance/exit.

Ottawa Theatres

  1. Ottawa Little Theatre
  2. National Arts Centre
  3. Shenkman Arts Centre
  4. Meridian Theatres at Centrepointe
  5. The Gladstone
  6. Bronson Centre Music Theatre
  7. Odyssey Theatre

Indoor Sports for Families

The winter cold does not mean that sports activities should be placed on hold until spring. There are many indoor sports for children to enjoy over the snowy months. These include (but are not limited to):

  • Tennis played in indoor clubs or tennis bubbles
  • Indoor soccer
  • Swimming in an indoor pool
  • Basketball
  • Badminton

Indoor fun for the family

There’s nothing that says you have to stay home for a family night. There are many different options available in most cities for entertaining family fun. Go bowling, go for a family walk, or take a nature hike. Make a list and have a winter scavenger hunt in your backyard. The options are endless. The important thing is who you’re with, not what you do.

What are good family activities?

From the museum to the ballet to everyday art projects, the winter months can be filled with fun activities for children and families. Look for indoor activities that support the specific interests of each child, and try a variety over time. Make sure to consider the child’s age and attention level when selecting an indoor family activity.

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