Hey Pandas, Tell Us Something Weird A Kid Has Said To You That Made You Think About Life In A Different Way


Kids have the tendency of being accidentally deep. Did a kid tell you something weirdly deep? I'll go first with some of my experiences and you can follow!


I met a 6-year-old with an imaginary gecko. She had it in her hands. Asked if I would like to see the gecko. Of course, I would. When she went to show me, said gecko escaped. She loudly chased after him yelling ' come back Randall, I have treats! I have Oreos Randall.' etc. She then 'caught' Randall, and proceeded to show me. It was one of the most delightful things I've seen. I hate that this kind of imagination is pounded out of us as we get older.


I asked this one kid, "What's up?"
She took it literally and looked up, "The sky,"
I looked up too, and I guess I never realized how pretty the sky is. Now I make a point to look up each day. It's nice to get a new point of view.


Once when my son was around 4 he was hanging upside down off the side of the sofa and he said, "Sometimes when you are hanging upside down it's easy to think you are right side up and it's everything else that's upside down...." And I think about that a lot.


It didn't make me think about life differently, but it was just a very touching moment when my cousin told me that she didn't want me to be lonely (by that time I didn't have a boyfriend). I am not saying that all the single people are lonely, no way. I just was surprised that a 5-year-old kid could think that way. She just cares about me, that's sweet.


My ecstatic 4-year old daughter told me, “Mom, guess what?! Sandy told me you’re the tooth fairy and I believe her ‘cause you never have any money!” She gloated for several years, “Oh, your mom is a teacher? My mom is THE TOOTH FAIRY.” She thought I was the tooth fairy for all children and was so very proud!! Quite the pedestal she put me on, eh?


I remember when I was little I was visiting my family in Venezuela and I was wondering why all the buildings were badly painted and my mom told me it was because people didn't have enough money to repaint them. To which I responded, "But people have enough paint to do graffiti all over the place, why can't they do the same to the buildings?" And my mom said, "Good question, but it's too early for me to think."


When my son(9) was watching youtube videos of people playing videogames:
Me: You own that game, why are you watching people play it instead of playing yourself
Him: You own a football, why do you watch other people play it on Sundays
Me: ... touche kid


"Aunt Dana, do you know that you're closer to your death than your birth?" on my birthday.


Driving my daughter to preschool one day, years back, she asked me if Santa really does live at the North Pole. I said, of course he does, why do you ask? She said if he lives there, why do all her toys say "Made In China" on them? Thinking for a minute, I replied that there are a LOT of kids that get toys at Christmas time and he can't make all of them at the North Pole. Some of them get made in different parts of the world, like China. She was happy with that answer.


My niece saw me crying about something that had happened earlier. She told me 'god didn't make eyes for crying did he?'. It was a deep thought and made me feel better


I was weeding my lawn with one of those weed grabber tools that digs them out by the roots while you stand more or less upright, mainly dandelions. My five year old daughter ran up to me and with big tears says, "No! Don't kill the dandy lions mommy! If there were only one, you would plant more and tell me they were beautiful!!!!" Needless to say no more " dandy lions" have ever died at my hands and it made me think of other things that are common but that we over look that are beautiful and valuable, like older folks, little kids, and earnest young people doing the best they can in a sucky, difficult time and world.


This made me think different about how a child's life is...

??‍♀️My four year old daughter turned off the TV and went to the bathroom. She returned and turned it back on, and immediately started crying ?
When I asked her what was wrong, she said "It's not in the same place that it was when I turned it off and I missed the ending" ??

(It's so hard to be a child ???)


My sister once said I was letting the world eat me. Then I realized it was 6 years before I would leave for college. So now I just try to live my life before I’m sucked into real life.


I was told by a little girl that putting anything in a princess dress makes it better, especially if it's sparkly. I think about that when I'm upset.


Not life exactly, but seeing the world for any and everything possible. What do you see here?...a suction cup. Last year when my daughter was 3 she came across a suction cup. I told her what it was and she said "no mommy it's a princess dress" she then proceeded to move it around as though a princess was dancing in a ball gown. The world is what you make it.


I didn't get to ask an adult about it, but I was shocked to my shoes when I learned that although I could be drafted to fight a war, the companies making my gun would still be working for their owners.


I was doing groceries and some kids were standing outside the supermarket. The kids were around 8 and I am 38. The kids were asking a lot of people for fun "Sir/Mam what pokémon are you? Hoping for a funny answer. Then they asked me and I answered "I am a shiny mega Charizard" and all the kids were reaction "Woooooooooooow, you are sooooo cool". Never felt so cool in my life hahaha.


Tucking my wee daughter of about 4 in bed one night and she asks me, “Mama? Why do you have holes in your face and Vanna White doesn’t?” (In reference to a few enlarged pores). I responded with, “Well, Jenny-Benny, some people have holes in their face and some people don’t.” She put her chubby little hands on my either side of my face and said, “Just like some peoples gots fuzzy cheeks and some peoples don’t.” Double whammy right there…


I asked a friends’ kid once “Hey…what’s up?” And he replied “My pants.” And well…he wasn’t wrong.


Just before bed, my daughter - she is 9 - said to me: "But mom, you're going to die soon, you know?" I was shocked and asked: "What do you mean by that?" And she explained: "Because you're so old!" And it took me an hour to explain to her that I was barely 43 and that I am still young. I look younger and I feel younger. Forty years is the best age for God’s will. Everything before is just research, life starts at 40 ... :)


A friend and I had been ragging on Pamela Anderson on Bay Watch, then realized my friend's 8 year old daughter was listening. We tried to explain about women who change their bodies, beasts, lips, tummies, etc. just to attract men or to get famous. She said she understood but a few minutes she advised us that PA's armpits weren't real either.


One time this kid came up to me when I was at my trip to to Japan with my friend because we wanted to meditate before we started he said “ think about this, if tree falls in a forest and nobody’s around to hear it does it make a sound?” And I said “ of course it does.” Then he said but if nobody’s around to hear does it make a sound. And that was the only thing I could think about for about 3 weeks.


I am still a kid, but I don’t care. I don’t know if this counts, but we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.

My dad has a really good friend, and they smoke and drink, but my dads friend also vapes. I was over at their house, and their kid says, “Dad, do the dragon breath”. To be honest, I felt disappointed that now kids and adults are so used to smoking, drinking, and such, that parents won’t even hide it anymore.


My 9yo nephew, a notorious smartass, said to me last year: "Have you ever been skinny or good looking? Nah..."


I worked at an afterschool program. A six-year-old boy was staring at the ground across the school yard, as if in a trance. I walked over to him and asked, "Tommy, what's wrong?" He slowly looked up and said to me, "The Earth is a mess."


Saw a little kid with his family his older brother was annoying him and with his parents in ear shot his insult was "if you carry on I will give you a hundred middle fingers" life lesson always think outside the box and choose your words wisely to avoid getting in trouble. Legend


“Ligama balls f****r” is what a kid said to me


I am 14 the kid was about 7. Kid: hey. Me: *knows i looks like an adult and doesn't want sh@t to go down.* ignores. Kid: if you clean a hoover( hoover means vacuume cleaner in England) arent you the hoovers hoover? me *now having a small breakdown* arent you a little bit young to be online? Enter kids mum. Mum: (insert name here) stop bothering this woman. Proceed to apologise for her kid. Me: repeating what the kid said. The kid, out of knowhehe: im a girrafe. HELLO IM A GIRRAFE. *SCREAMS OBNOXIOUSLY AT A BUS*. mum: im so sorry. Me: i dont mean this as a judgement but is he on the spectrum? (autism for those who don't know) mum: so you must know a little about it? Me: im 14 and very autistic. Mum: did he say something that sounds like a reddit or Faceybook (thats what she called. It). Me: phone rings gotta go. Mum: syared. The blankest stare i have ever seen.


Me: "Hey Rollend. Whats somethin you think about a lot?"
Kiddo: "Wanting to play on the switch"
Me: "that's kinda sad, bro."
Mom: "Whats something you l o v e that you think about every day?"
Kiddo: "You guys!"
Made me think just how screwed this new generation is, but reminds me there's still some hope.


When my niece was about three she was very into the olympics. She told me when she grew up she wanted to be in the olympics, but then confided that she was worried because she didn’t have any Olympic clothes. I told her that maybe by the time she was old enough she would have the Olympic clothes. She thought for a moment and the said ‘well, Winnie the Pooh always gets some honey!’.


I was a substitute teacher for a 1st grade class and the kids were drawing pictures of things they were thankful for, in celebration of Thanksgiving. A little girl asked me how to spell China. She went on to explain she was thankful for China b/c everything comes from China. Largely true and depressing, at the same time.


One day I was traveling on the subway with my 6 years old son. He was very quiet and seems thoughtful. I asked what he was thinking and he responded ''I feel like we are going around a circle like ants. We are doing the same things over and over and it never ends''. It has been 4 years and I still think about it.


One time this kid came up to me when I was at my trip to to Japan with my friend because we wanted to meditate before we started he said “ think about this, if tree falls in a forest and nobody’s around to hear it does it make a sound?” And I said “ of course it does.” Then he said but if nobody’s around to hear does it make a sound. And that was the only thing I could think about for about 3 weeks.

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