Have you paid close attention to this?


I woke up to allergies and new snow, which felt like a strange combo.

3.67 miles @ 8:39 average with Emilee and Jo!  

IMG 6444

(Jacket, leggings, shoes)

I also did a ten-minute bodyweight workout from the Peloton app, and then it was off to get Brooke to school and Beck to his favorite slide.  

IMG 6449

Skye is as punctual as it gets and makes sure to get me out the door so that she is always early to preschool.

IMG 6452

Does anybody else eat multiple pb & j sandwiches a day?  

IMG 6454

Just a few more random things to talk about:

1- Beck loves to play the new game, ‘hide something that mom and dad don’t want me to hide.’  He wins every time, especially when he hides Andrew’s license.

IMG 6431

2- Now that it is a bit warmer and the chickens are getting more sunlight, we are back to getting a bunch of eggs every day.

IMG 6435

3-Lauren sent me this article yesterday, and it brought happy tears to my eyes.  

IMG 6447

4-This will be my 13th marathon, yet I still find myself googling things like this…

Screen Shot 2022 04 12 at 1 43 49 PM

5-My last important decision before the marathon needs to be made… WHICH COLOR OF SOCK?  Pink or yellow?  (The ones on the left are for when I’m not running:)

IMG 6456

6-The jackets are very cute this year!

IMG 2385

7- Lately, I have wanted to learn more and more about the connections between my running and my cycle.  The more I think about it, I have realized my best workouts and races always happen in the first half of my cycle.  The earlier on in the follicular phase, the better for me personally, I need to find a marathon that falls on day 5ish for me, ha.  I notice much more fatigue and less motivation in the last 1.5 weeks of my cycle.   

Screen Shot 2022 04 09 at 5 01 41 PM


If you haven’t read ‘ROAR’ yet, you should.  It is interesting to see how different hormones affect how we run and race and what foods and workouts can help us during each phase.  Sarah Canney has a great blog post about this topic and what she has learned from Dr. Stacy Sims.  Sarah also told me to try out the WILD Al App after I reached out to her for reassurance about my cycle stage for Boston—>  Luckily, I will be in the mid-follicular phase.  I’ll remember that my hormones are on my side when I need a pick-up during the race!  


Have you paid attention to the connections between your cycle and your performance?  Give me details, I find this so interesting!

Sandwiches—> Favorite combo?  Do you eat them often?

Who else has chickens?  How many?

Anyone else have seasonal allergies?  What do you do to help them?

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