Easter Sensory Activities for Preschoolers


Let’s explore all of the fun Easter sensory activities your preschoolers will love. Be sure to integrate them into your other Easter activities for toddlers and preschoolers.

collage of different Easter sensory play ideas for preschoolers - with carrots, bunnies, sensory bins, slime

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Easter is a high-sensory holiday, with all of the shapes, colors, activities, and giant costumed bunnies! You likely know some of the benefits of sensory play for preschoolers, but here are a few to consider:

  • Language development
  • Fine motor skills opportunities
  • Peer interaction
  • Problem-solving
  • Sensory exploration
  • Vocabulary development
  • Brain connections

Easter Sensory Activities

These Easter sensory activities have been gathered from some of the top children’s bloggers, many of whom are current or former teachers. Whether you’re looking for sensory bins, sensory bags, or other sensory activities, you’ll find some of my favorites below. Oh, and I’ve also included links to some fantastic sensory materials your kids will have a blast exploring.

Easter Sensory Bins

Sensory bins are perfect for when you are using slightly messy materials (think rice, beans, cloud dough) and you want to try to contain all of the bits. You can make small, individual sensory bins, or they can be on the larger side, depending on your preferences.

3 easter sensory activities for preschool - sensory bins with easter eggs, carrots, dried beans

With this Easter sensory bin, kids can decide how they want to play with the painted beans, or sort them into a huge Easter egg cookie cutter. Fine motor skills for the win!

Scented water beads add an olfactory boost to this simple Easter egg sensory bin from And Next Comes L.

This carrot garden sensory bin has so much orange and green goodness to explore, and the kids can pretend they are little gardeners.

sensory bins for easter preschool play - including rabbit figurines, peter rabbit toys, and squishy toys

Part sensory, part small world imaginary play, this Peter Rabbit sensory bin will have kids diving into the world of a favorite mischievous bunny.

Incorporate bunny hutch toys and mini erasers to make an engaging rabbit sensory bin for your preschoolers.

Kids have the opportunity to interact with a variety of textures and colors with this fairly tidy no-food Easter sensory bin.

easter sensory bins with dried peas, cotton balls, easter eggs, tongs, baby chicks

Toddler Approved shares a straightforward Easter egg and funnel sensory bin that is safe for younger siblings to enjoy, too.

Chickens and baby chicks are a must at Easter time, and preschoolers will adore interacting with their chicken sensory bin. Use this time to read them some chicken books – you’ll find the book list at the end of the post.

Hooray for cotton balls making the perfect bunny tails AND sensory bin filler. Modern Preschool’s Bunny Tail Sensory Bin provides plenty of fine motor practice.

Green split peas and red lentils make the perfect Easter-hued filler for these Easter bunny sensory bins, and you can use a variety of little toys in there.

Easter Sensory Bags and More Activities

Sensory bags are so fun for when you are on-the-go with kids, or you want to keep them more personalized. Easter sensory bags are a must when traveling to Grandma’s or church on Easter Sunday!

Of course, Easter sensory activities don’t have to be limited to bags and bins. There are loads of sensory activities that kids can do with one or two items, and this first activity might end up being your preschooler’s favorite ever.

preschool easter sensory activities - slime in an easter egg, sensory bags, and play dough play mat

Did you know you can make Peeps slime? Yep! Kids love it, and we all know slime is the ultimate sensory material.

Here’s a simple sensory Easter bag that will come in handy for pretty much any age kid. It’s great for babies and toddlers, but preschoolers (and caregivers) who don’t want the mess of a sensory bin can still enjoy exploring with their hands.

Play dough is a classic sensory material and is used to decorate all of these Easter playdough mats from Picklebums.

I love this Easter egg hunt sensory bag from Happy Toddler Playtime. It’s a fun, mess-free way to explore color sorting in a sensory-friendly way.

4 easter sensory activities - using cotton balls, small toys, easter eggs, sensory jars

This Easter bunny nose sensory bag is not only adorable, it combines sensory activity with color sorting.

You’ll love these 10 Easter sensory bottle ideas. Preschoolers are naturally drawn to exploring them, and you’ll have fun putting them together. Another no-mess way to enjoy Easter sensory activities!

Part craft, part sensory experience, these Squidgy Easter Eggs look like a blast, and will no doubt lead to more Easter creations.

Another simple Easter sensory idea, these egg shakers make really fun sensory toys. Your preschoolers can even help put them together.

Materials for the Sensory Fun

The sky is the limit when it comes to sensory materials for kids. For Easter sensory activities, we tend to go with pastel colors, and of course tons of little jelly beans and crinkly Easter grass. Here are some more Easter sensory supply ideas.

Done-For-You Preschool Resources

Now that you have a whole bunch of Easter sensory activities for your preschoolers, have a look at our totally done-for-you Easter lesson plans. You can just download these and get on with the teaching, as everything you need is included.

Easter lesson plans
examples of what is included in preschool easter lesson plans - crafts, centers, book list, and activities

Each of the PT101 lesson plans includes:

  • Recommended Book List
  • 1-Page Weekly Lesson Plan Grid with Activity Ideas for Whole Group, Literacy, Math, and Science each day
    • Alternate Editable Weekly Grids for 4-day, 3-day, and 2-day programs
  • 5 Daily Lesson Plan Sheets with Activity Directions and Materials List
  • 2-Page Center Descriptions
  • Related Printables

And the Easter lesson plans also include:

1) Number Cards (in color and b/w)

2) Easter Roll and Graph (in color and b/w)

3) Rabbit Shapes (in color and b/w)

4) Letter Puzzles (in color and b/w)

5) Bunny Hop ABC (in color and b/w)

6) Easter Egg Name Game (in color and b/w)

7) Color Baskets (in color and b/w)

8) Vocabulary Cards (in color and b/w)

9) Beginning Sound Sort (in color and b/w)

10) Rhyming Eggs Activity (in color and b/w)

11) Jelly Bean Jar Counting Mats (1-20, in color and b/w)

12) Real Photos

photos of different Easter sensory play ideas for preschoolers - with carrots, bunnies, sensory bins, slime

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