Dragon Themed Fun with Positional Word Game


One of the beginning concepts in math is positional words. Your child will love learning the terms up, down, under and more with this Dragon Themed Positional Word Game.

A fun preschool math activity to go along with the book Dragons Love Tacos.

Where can your dragon go?

Egg Carton Dragon over Cardboard Castle with Preschooler

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Dragons Love Tacos Activity

Explore a time from long ago with a castle and one special dragon who likes to explore in all sorts of directions through the castle. Players learn to create a three-dimensional piece of art that becomes an inspiration for imaginary play. Plus adults can sneak in a little vocabulary as you encourage players to explore positional words.

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A fun story to go along with this activity is called Dragons Love Tacos.

Dragons Love Tacos by Adam Rubin

This hilarious story will grab your little one’s interest as he learns about what the dragons like.  Did you know that dragons love tacos. They love chicken tacos, beef tacos, great big tacos, and teeny tiny taco. If you want to lure a bunch of dragons to your party, you should definitely serve tacos. Unfortunately, where there are tacos, there is also salsa. And if a dragon accidentally eats spicy salsa . . . oh, boy. You’re in some fire breathing trouble.

Dragon Themed Positional Word Game

Materials for Dragon Positional Word Game

  • Cardboard box
  • Scissors
  • Markers
  • Paper
  • Egg carton
  • Googly eyes
  • Glue
  • Paint
  • Paint brush
  • 3″ x 5″ (7.5 x 13-cm) index cards

Directions to Make Dragon Game

1. Remove the top pieces of the box and then cut out the edges to make the box look like the edges of a castle (adult task).

2. Add a doorway on top and two sides but keep the bottom so it can lift up and down for entrance.

3. Cut out windows on each side of the castle (or color with markers).

4. Decorate the castle with markers and paper to create stonework and plants surrounding castle.

5. Create a dragon using egg carton, googly eyes and paint.

6. Write on index cards directional words including beside, in front of, behind, on top of, above, between, inside and under.

Egg Carton Dragon over a Castle made from Recycled Cardboard

Directions to Play Dragon Game

1. After players have created their three-dimensional piece of art, it’s time to explore the castle.

2. Each player takes a turn by picking a positional word from the word pile and placing the dragon in the castle using the positional word chosen.

3. Players continue to take turns selecting positional word cards and placing dragon accordingly.


Create a positional word book illustrating the dragon’s position within the castle for a fun sight word book.

Dragons Love Tacos Book cover with Dragon Themed Activities for Preschoolers


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