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Today I take a look at a few of the best Toy gifts that are out there for kids of all ages. If you have kids in you home or enjoy giving to those that belong to your extended family and friends, join me today to get a solid idea of what’s available in a few different toy categories and age groups. For instance, I’ll start out with a look at STEM toys, then I’ll consider toys for kids of preschool age, toys for kids of roughly elementary school age, and finally toys for teenagers. Let’s get started.

STEM based toys

STEM toys are toys that simultaneously entertain and enlighten kids in the key learning areas of ScienceTechnologyEngineering – and Mathematics. These toys are specifically designed to combine the best aspects of fun and learning in a way that appeals to kids.


When you see STEM toys sold at Best Buy, you know you’re giving your child the very best in educational and learning toys. When an “A” is added to the mix, you’ve then entered the realm of STEAM toys, which also includes subject matter related to the arts. This leads to toys that provide an even broader level of educational value for kids of all ages.

Be sure to check out Best Buy Canada’s website for toys related to things like Interactive Learning, Building and Robotics, Coding and Programming, and even Arts and Crafts.

Toys for preschool aged kids

Toys at Best Buy for kids in the preschool age range are divided between those for ages 0-2 years old and those for kids 3-4 years old. Items you’ll find here include various Osmo play kits, Shifu Orboot augmented reality toys and games, and even the latest in Power Wheels & Powered Ride On Toys—real life miniature cars and trucks that kids themselves get to drive (often with parental remote control override) so they’ll feel just like grown-ups with real driving privileges and responsibilities. Kids just love toys that make them feel like they’re growing up, so you really can’t go wrong with toys that allow them to play pretend at real, grown-up activities.

Toys for slightly older children up to about age 12

toyThis next category of toys is going to include both the age ranges of 5-7 years old and 8-13 years old. Kids across these age ranges enjoy many different types of toys, including popular Board Games, Action Figures, and LEGO, just to name a few. Such toys are fun and exciting for kids of a variety of ages, and they’re also frequently educational, as is certainly the case with LEGO & Building Toys.

Another great advantage of toys in this realm is the large variety of popular themes they cover. Take LEGO as an example—kids can enjoy LEGO sets based on all their favourite film franchises and properties, such as Star Wars and Harry Potter, or they can go in another direction entirely and assemble sets based on everything from Super Mario to real-life architecture.

Similarly, there are board games for just about every theme under the sun, so kids in this age range are a whole lot less likely to get bored with their toys and games.

Cool toys for teens

When it comes to toy gifts for teens, you’re going to need something with a serious cool factor if you hope to impress them. I personally think that you can’t go wrong with something in the realm of Drones or RC Toys & Vehicles. On Best Buy Canada’s website, you’ll find great toys for kids ages 14 and up, which generally means that the toys are somewhat more advanced than those for smaller kids, and they may require a certain amount of maturity to use safely. Radio controlled toys would certainly seem to fit this description, and they’re sure to be a whole lot of fun for anyone that receives one!

As you can see, there’s no shortage of great Toy gift ideas at Best Buy. Whether your child is just out of the crib or closer to being out of high school, there’s surely something available here to please and interest them. All you have to do is take a look. Happy hunting!


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