99 Of The Best ‘Treasures’ People Found In Goodwill Bins


It’s no secret that thrift hunting and secondhand shopping have become super popular in the last few years. From professional resellers to vintage lovers, from budget-savvy shoppers to thrill seekers who love digging up something rare and valuable, it seems like everyone finds something for them.

All the thrift shopping goers have in-depth knowledge of the best destinations to look for cool used things, and Goodwill outlets are no exception. Here, most of the items are placed in large bins rather than hung on a rack or placed on shelves.

In fact, there’s even an online community on Reddit named “Goodwill Bins” which gathers all the Goodwill outlet aficionados and thrift hunters in one place as they get to share the best, craziest, most unusual finds they found in those large blue bins.

#1 Vintage 1940’s Picnic Basket!

Image credits: maddydyko

#2 Picked Up This Cute Flip Clock Today At A Local Thrift Store For 50 Cents. Works Perfectly!

Image credits: reddit.com

#3 Could Not Believe My Eyes When They Set This Out In The Toy Section!!! It’s A 1977 Disneyland Weebles Playset!

Image credits: 360inMotion

Whether you’re an avid thrifter or an online reseller, you are probably familiar with Goodwill retail stores. However, did you know that Goodwill also has another type of store? They’re called Goodwill outlet stores and are also known as Goodwill pay by the pound stores, Goodwill weigh and pay stores, or Goodwill bin stores.

Shopping at Goodwill outlet stores is a rather unique thrift hunting experience. A small handful of items may be sorted and put in bins separately, including clothing; this is an exception rather than a rule. Items are brought out in large blue bins which the shopper will have to sort and dig through themselves in order to find the gems.

#4 Found A Bin Full Of Vintage Pendleton, All Made In The USA Virgin Wool Pieces!

Image credits: TedDansonFool

#5 Vintage Quilt, Courtesy Of The Bins!

Image credits: m34dowlark

#6 46lbs Of Electronics & Games For $32.02!

Image credits: MastaB

At the same time, it’s very likely that as a shopper, you will be competing with many other pickers and thrifters. Usually, the bins are lined up in many rows throughout the store. After a row of bins has been on the floor for a while, a staff member will announce the last call for that row and shortly it will be removed and replaced with more items.

#7 Exquisite

Image credits: torchic442

#8 Yay! Perfectly Functioning Roomba At The Bins With The Charger Still Attached?! $4! (My Cat Can't Tell If She Likes It Or Not)

Image credits: breathequilibrium

#9 Found An Awesome Never Used Vintage Carbon Steel Chinese Cleaver And Used It To Prepare The Most Delicious Blt

Image credits: lionsrawrr

Since most of the items are sold by the pound, there are a couple of things you may do as a shopper to make your checkout easier. Goodwill suggests dividing your cart into the categories shown in the diagram (on this webpage) since these items need to be rung up separately.

#10 Two Kitchenaid Mixers For $22 Total. Gw Airport Bins And Gw Milwaukee (Or) Bins

Image credits: ntkwwwm

#11 I Was Checking Out A Backpack At The Goodwill Bins And Someone Left Their AirPods In It! Couldn't Have Paid More Than $1 For Them

Image credits: MWTB-DLTR

#12 $2 For The Faux Fur Blanket... Stray Cat Was Free

Image credits: fawnie_lou

Moreover, the associate will determine the best way to ring up your merchandise. “Please work with them to get everything weighed properly,” Goodwill reminds their shoppers. “When rolling your cart onto the floor scale, be sure to remove your personal belongings or you will be charged for their weight,” they add.

#13 Found This Oak Cabinet (Suspected Old Microwave Cart) At The Bins For $3 A Little While Back. Just Added Some New Hardware, Cleaned It Up And Installed LED Light Strips And Now It Is My Bar

Image credits: kahuna1342

#14 Found A Pokémon Binder At The Hardline Full Of First Edition Pokémon Cards

Image credits: speakerjunkiee

#15 Look At This Find!

A vintage 70s 4/6 boho prairie lace dress. It won't fit anyone in my household but I had to buy it the price was crazy good, so I bought it to resell! (Yes it's still available!)

Image credits: reddit.com

#16 I've Been Going To (And Loving) The Denver Bins For A Long Time But Just Discovered This Sub After Posting My Latest Treasure. Yesterday, I Found A Beautiful Vintage Dress That Fits Like A Glove

Image credits: Reality_Rose

#17 Randomly Scrolling Through Caligraphy At 1am And Thinking, Hmm That Looks Cool Maybe Worth Trying

Soon after the bins provide a random assortment of fountain and caligraphy pens.

Image credits: lionsrawrr

#18 Two Months Ago I Found My White Whale, A Vitamix. Two Days Ago I Found A Second One! Guess I'm A Collector Now?

Image credits: lionsrawrr

#19 Found An Hermes Scarf In The Bins This Weekend, Couldn’t Believe It!

Image credits: OliverLily320

#20 $315 Tika Leather Duffle. Scored For $10

Image credits: Whyistheskygray

#21 Throwback To Elementary School Computer Lab Days In The 90s

Image credits: lionsrawrr

#22 My Wife's Find A Couple Days Ago. In A Small Cloth Pouch At The Bottom Of A Mostly Clothing Bin. Stamped 925 Sterling And A Real Turquoise Stone!

Image credits: MushyMarlin

#23 Someone Boxed Up Their Playstation Collection And Donated It. I Was Lucky Enough To Be Standing At The Right Place At The Right Time. Ps2, Psp, Psp Vita

Image credits: lionsrawrr

#24 Found This 70’s Era Christian Dior Bag At The Bins For $1, Not Sure If It’s Authentic

Image credits: HyperMovie

#25 On My Cake Day None The Less, I Got This At My Local Goodwill Bins For A Few Dollars

Image credits: queenkronen

#26 First Time To The Bins. I Spent $48. I Am A Former Preschool Teacher And Have My Own Daycare Now. Most Of What I Bought Is For My Daycare

Image credits: Gwendilynrose78

#27 Cookie Jar And A Music Box

Image credits: BobShrunkle

#28 Scored This Light Up Canopy For My Reading Nook!

Image credits: JessHex

#29 Autographed Jane Goodall Print For $3 At The Bins!

Image credits: puff_puff_paint_19

#30 So On Saturday Morning My Wife Talked Me Into Going To The Gw Bins Instead Of Playing Tennis With My Buds

Lo and behold, in one of the first bins I looked, there were these killer tennis racquets — Wilson nCode Six Two, Prince O3 Red, and a ProKennex Ki 15.... all for $2 each!

Image credits: ksandbergfl

#31 Found A Prada Dust Bag In One Of The Bins, To My Surprise Look What I Found Inside. Been Told By A Bunch Of Purse People That It Looks Good So Far

Image credits: SmellySockSmeller

#32 When The Bin God's Decide To Shine On You! Some Of My Favorite Finds From The Bins

Image credits: Indythriftqueen

#33 Spiewak Golden Fleece N3-B Flight Parka From The Bins! These Retail At Over $800!

Image credits: BrianDuggan

#34 Bins Treasure. Lock Was Broken And Needed Some Extra Care But Could Not Pass Up This Leather Beauty. $1.50!

Image credits: BobShrunkle

#35 C&r This Kitty Painting

Image credits: Girafferra

#36 Dewalt 18 V Score

Image credits: deadcoroner74

#37 Dyson Cordless Vacuum With Just Enough Battery To Know It Works At 3.75$, Yes Please

Image credits: lionsrawrr

#38 Cute Miniature Tea Set, All The Pieces Were There And In Perfect Condition

Image credits: whitl0ckian

#39 Found This Disney Parks Exclusive Dress In The Bins! They No Longer Sell This One I Saved It From The Landfill And Found It A New Home With A Disney Lover

Image credits: teenytinyytaylor

#40 Rescued From The Bins! Pair Of Robert Sonneman For George Kovacs Feather Lamps

Image credits: Crherniman

#41 Kate Spade In The Bins??? Both In Really Good Shape. I'm Not Even Sure How Stuff Ends Up In The Bins And Not The Store

Image credits: audioear

#42 Found All Of These Shoes At The Bins!

Image credits: yasegura

#43 Something Something The Simple Things In Life. Couple Of My Favorite Finds That See Daily Use

Image credits: lionsrawrr

#44 Of Everything I Found At The Bins Today, There's One Clear Winner

Image credits: _drjayphd_

#45 What I Found In The Bins And How I Styled It My Favorite Finds Are Home Good Items

Image credits: teenytinyytaylor

#46 Just Chilling At The Bins Today. Sometimes It Pays Off To Be First In Line. Real Bape Shark Hoodie

Image credits: Ok_Flatworm_238

#47 Found Today In Oklahoma

Image credits: Otherwise-great1994

#48 Wait What's That?

Image credits: lionsrawrr

#49 Might Have Pee’d A Little When I Found These New Frye Boots In My Size At The Bins Today

Image credits: Old_Big_6321

#50 Ahhh, When You Find A Pair In Your Size. $3.87

Image credits: TrailwoodTom

#51 Duck. Duck. Mine!

Image credits: Old_Big_6321

#52 Didn’t Know About This Sub Until Someone Told Me To Post This Here! This Was A Bin Pull A Couple Weeks Back. Mohair & Wool With A Silk Lining. Union Tags. Perfect Vintage Beauty

Image credits: queenkronen

#53 First Time At The Bins And I’m Addicted! Patagonia, Yeti, J Crew Sweater Blazer, And 100% Cashmere Sweater

Image credits: beigeyellow

#54 Found These At The Bins!

Image credits: StinkyPinkyFingerz

#55 Found Within My First Hour At The Bins , My Best $3 Pickup Ever

Image credits: Brand8175

#56 My First Bins Find Was A Whopping $1.50! I Have The Larger One In The Same Color So Safe To Say After Some Hot Water And Soap, I Was Thrilled! (A Few Dents Never Hurt Nobody)

Image credits: hammiespammy

#57 Love Finding Mcm At The Bins

Image credits: thefoxandthegrape

#58 Crazy Good Bins Day!

In and out in an hour and a half. Le creuset, descoware, lodge, a full set of 1930s dishes and some 90s nba glasses! Too much glass… But at least it was only 69¢ a pound!

Image credits: LLaserz

#59 Sony Xm3s! Paid 83 Cents For Them

Image credits: Elongation-Muskrat

#60 Big Harley Haul At The Bins And Some Other Cool Finds From The Weekend

Image credits: Thriftedthreadsyeg

#61 Found This Lil House / Jewelry Box This Weekend! My Fave Part Is The Garage Door That Opens Into A Drawer

Image credits: AnaisInJune

#62 What Did I Get Myself Into!? Also Mini Desk Vacuum, Does It Get Any Better

Image credits: lionsrawrr

#63 Big Find Today! Found Some Tropical Teal Dunks In Really Good Condition Just Gotta Clean Em Up And Boom! New Dunks For Only $2

Image credits: speakerjunkiee

#64 Bins Find Yesterday

Image credits: Old_Big_6321

#65 Well Hello There You Angel Of The Bins. $2 And My Size

Image credits: fawnie_lou

#66 Pulp Fiction Promo Jacket From The Bins

Image credits: Thriftedthreadsyeg

#67 A Couple Weeks Ago I Saw Someone Post In Here That They’d Found A Pendleton Wool Blanket At The Bins, And I’d Been Sulking Ever Since. Until I Found My Own!

Image credits: m34dowlark

#68 Burberry Picking At The Bins

Image credits: dazzlehouse

#69 Found One Of The Holy Grails Of Thrifting Last Week! 1990s Rob Zombie Vintage Boy!!!

Image credits: Indythriftqueen

#70 My First Bins Trip!

Got 18 books, 2 dresses, 1 jacket, 50s/60s clutch, handmade potholder, and a llama keychain for 14.59. Quite an experience but definitely am coming back. I’ve been dreaming about coming back to look through more bins, especially the book bins.

Image credits: hornyformugs

#71 Another Cute Find. I Don’t Want To Go Back To Paying Full Price For Clothes

Image credits: Substantial-Donkey78

#72 Goodwill Bins Come Through For Me Again. It Still Had Tags From Rei On It. I'm Super Excited Because I Needed A New Daypack

Image credits: lionsrawrr

#73 Outerwear Finds From The Bins

Image credits: rockstar_not

#74 Another Awesome Weekend

Image credits: Thriftedthreadsyeg

#75 Definitely One Of My Best Finds At The Goodwill Bins! There's No Rips, Zippers Work Great And Its My Size

Image credits: Better_Anteater_9706

#76 $250 Book For A Quarter

Image credits: rustycheerios

#77 Vintage Kitties In The Bins! 1992 Kitty Surprise And 1992 Tyco Kitty Kitty Kittens !

Image credits: reddit.com

#78 Found A Pendleton Wool Coat That Someone Put Back. $4

Image credits: noice-smort99

#79 Was Told You’d Appreciate This Find As Well. Near Perfect Fur Stole!

Image credits: paigicus

#80 I Thought I'd Share The Love. Good Day Fishing At The Bins!

Image credits: BobShrunkle

#81 This Is Why The Bins Wins. 1970s Jogging Cross Stitch!

Image credits: rsamalama

#82 Goodwill Tory Burch Find $3.99

Image credits: Immediate-Balance623

#83 Just Found A 1945 Ww2 Ike Jacket At The Bins Moments Ago!

Image credits: SmellySockSmeller

#84 3 Lululemon Items All On Bottom, Ragged Priest, Nwt Generational Love, All Saints, And Other Brands All For $9 Was Worth The People Pushing Me

Image credits: reddit.com

#85 Zuma Chairs, Retail $200 Each

Image credits: rustycheerios

#86 I Found A Pair Of Brown, Corduroy Patagonia Pants At The Bins Yesterday!

Image credits: Better_Anteater_9706

#87 Look At This 1950’s Genuine Alligator Bag!

Image credits: maddydyko

#88 Just A Couple Of My Finds From Today

Image credits: DizzyManda

#89 Got This Pair Of Levi’s In My Perfect Size And Length For Less Than A $1 At The Bins

Image credits: infinitehannah

#90 My Silk Scarf Collection From The Bins. Can’t Believe How Little I Paid For Such Pretty Things

Image credits: justicebeaver34

#91 Finally Found My Vintage Coach White Whale At The Bins For Like $1

Image credits: eigencrochet

#92 Found My First Le Creuset Today

Image credits: dazzlehouse

#93 Big Bins Haul Baby!

Image credits: amisch

#94 One Of My Top Fave Bin Finds! I Love When A Find Sends Me Into Wild Revealing Research Into The History Of My City— I Had No Idea About This Convention, Turns Out It Was A Huge Houston Deal. Plus- It’s Kinda Rare And Def Worth More Than I Paid By The Pound

Image credits: AnaisInJune

#95 My Daughter Found The Exact Lululemon Shorts I Want. In Her Size Of Course

Image credits: mkrldrn

#96 Probably My Best Find At The Bins. Saw A Lady Put It Back On My Way Out And I Ran Back Inside To Snatch It!!

Image credits: rumisgirl

#97 Found A 1971 Nixon Era Vote Tee Yesterday. Not Worth A Ton But Was Really Neat! Too Small For Me So Off To Ebay It Goes!

Image credits: SmellySockSmeller

#98 Bins Pins -- First Time Finding Disney Trades. Each Weighs .6oz -- The Cheap Fun Continues!

Image credits: DesertSong-LaLa

#99 I Found This Patagonia Sweater Jacket At The Bins. My Brother Was Super Excited To Get It Along With Another Patagonia Button Down Shirt I Found A While Ago (Sorry No Pic Of The Shirt)

Image credits: That_Will_Be_Fine

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