9 of our Favorite Spring Activities


Hello Spring!  The thought of getting out of the winter slump and into some longer, warmer days is always welcomed when Spring comes.  And with Spring comes time to plan some of my favorite preschool spring activities!

Want to see what spring themed activities make the cut? Check them out...

9 of our Favorite Spring Activities

  1. Painting with Dandelions - talk about a cheap and relatively available weed- the dandelion. Pull some of those yellow ones and use them as a paintbrush with paint. A super easy process art activity!
  2. Painting with Celery: After we do one of our favorite plant science experiments (watching celery suck up colored water), we use our left over celery to paint with.  It's harder than it looks to paint with celery - so there is lots of trial and error going on!
  3. Plant Collage: Get those fine motor muscles working by cutting out and pasting plants from a mail order plant catalog. We sorted our plants by color and glued them onto a large piece of bulletin board paper.
  4. Cloud Types Poster: A whole group, modeled writing activity that is great for the Spring time is to create a cloud poster. After reading 'The Little Cloud' by Eric Carle, we talk about different types of clouds and what they mean. Then, we go outside to see if we can identify the clouds up high. 
  5. Rainy Day Painting: A great process art activity for a rainy day (plus, it teaches about gravity). Water down some tempera paint, grab some pipettes or droppers and your easel. Place a piece of paper on the easel and children take the watered down paint and drop it (using the dropper) near the top of the page. Tip: Place a large pan or tray below the easel to catch the extra paint! 
  6. Where Fruits & Veggies Grow Poster: Another great modeled (or shared) writing for whole group is to chart where fruits and veggies grow. Above ground, below ground, on a vine or on a tree. Read 'Tops and Bottoms' by Janet Stevens and you've got yourself a whole lesson! 
  7. Fill It Up Game: A favorite game, adapted for spring!  For this two-player game, players sit across from one another with game board in the middle. Students work to roll a die, spin a spinner or choose a numeral card and cover up that many bugs on their side. First to fill up all the bugs wins!
  8. Graph Game: This multi-step game is great for older preschoolers. First, a player (or players) roll and die and move that many spaces on the round game board. Then, they graph the picture landed on, onto the graph. Play until one picture wins!
  9. Fill the Nest Game: Each player has a nest and some 'eggs'. You could use a bowl for a nest and jelly beans for eggs. I have nests found at the craft store and egg table scatter, also from the craft store. Children take turns rolling and die and filling the nest with that many eggs. How fill can you get the nest before the eggs fall out?

I hope this list of our favorite preschool spring activities brought you some new ideas!

Drop a comment - what is your favorite activity to do in the spring with your preschoolers?

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