35+ Spring Math Activities for Preschool


With spring comes the explosion of colorful flowers, little insects flying around, rain puddles, and of course spring math activities for preschool! While this list is spring-themed, be sure to also check out my massive list of math activities for preschoolers.

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Spring Math Activities for Preschool

There are plenty of opportunities to use this exciting time of year to teach math concepts to your kids. They’ll be excited to point out the signs of spring they see outside and then use those same signs in math activities.

Whether you’re looking for printables, hands-on activities, or more active math ideas, you’ll find a little of each here.

Supplies for Spring Math Activities

And you probably have most of the supplies necessary to do these already! Here are some fun materials you can use to make spring math even MORE engaging.

How to Incorporate Spring Math Concepts

Spring is such an exciting time, with all the new growth, and explosion of insects and flowers just waiting to be discovered! Harness some of that excitement into spring math activities for preschool. It really is easy to expose your children to basic math concepts when learning them is this much fun.

I found an assortment of activities, many that can be tailored to meet the needs of your students depending on how far along they are with math concepts. We’ve got a little bit of everything with these spring math activities:

  • comparing
  • patterning
  • problem solving
  • graphing
  • one-to-one correspondence
  • geometry
  • counting
  • addition and subtraction
  • measuring
  • sorting
  • sensory
  • fine motor
  • gross motor

Click on each of the highlighted links below to read more in-depth about each of these spring math ideas.

Spring Flower Math Activities

These spring math activities for preschool use flowers in the most colorful ways to reinforce math concepts.

collage of flower-themed spring math activities for preschool

This spring flowers math game is a free printable that will get your kids counting and adding as they play.

Play dough makes the perfect material for these spring math petal counting mats. And the kids are working those fine motor skills while learning math.

Another versatile math activity is this tree game printable. Pair it with flower petals or manipulatives, along with dice.

While kids interact with this flower petal activity, they are becoming familiar with a variety of early math concepts. Bonus points for being able to use it in so many different ways!

collage of flower-themed preschool math ideas

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Foam flowers provide a simple yet effective way for preschoolers to practice numbers. Bring this flower number garden outside when the weather is behaving.

Another creative, hands-on flower activity is this flower math printable. Kids will practice number matching, counting, and sequencing as they create the petals and leaves.

Our simple spring math game packs a punch with its hands-on opportunities to learn counting and pattern recognition. It’s a creative way to use fun materials and lends itself to variations.

Preschoolers can practice shape recognition and names with the help of this flower mini eraser math. (This set is more like a small math bundle, with more printables for older kids, too!)

collage of spring flower math activities for preschoolers

Kids get a chance to practice early math AND literacy skills with our counting flowers printable book. They will love coloring the flowers, too!

These gardening ten frames are the perfect opportunity to teach kids about gardens and seeds while they practice counting!

Preschoolers will make lovely spring flowers while using the petals to count with this flowers math activity.

Insect-Themed Spring Math Activities for Preschool

Spring brings lots of flying and crawling critters that preschoolers seem to be fascinated with. These spring insect math activities will peak the kids’ interest and make math concepts fun to learn!

collage of spring math activities for preschool that are insect themed

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Break out this colorful board game printable for basic addition practice and lots of adorable bugs.

Cute little snails with all sorts of shapes on their backs make for fun shape recognition and tracing practice.

Hello, little ladybugs! Kids will work with numbers 0-10 in a few different hands-on ways with these free printable counting mats.

So many great ways to use this simple DIY caterpillar pattern activity. I can see this one being taken in all sorts of directions!

collage of insect spring math printables for kids

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A little prep is all it takes to make this caterpillar who loves to eat as many pompoms as your kids roll on the die. The perfect way to incorporate spring into your math activities!

This ladybug math game covers so many early learning bases in a fun and active way!

Bzzzzzzz… all sorts of bumblebees are waiting to be counted and paired with the number on the hive with this free bubblebee math printable.

With spring comes worms in puddles. Kids will appreciate using gummy worms and tongs with this can of worms counting game.

collage of insect spring math printables for preschoolers

Preschoolers love their chants, so chanting while subtracting ladybug spots is a great, albeit maybe a tiny bit loud, spring math activity!

Bug counting is fun when it comes to this matching insect number printable.

This fingerprint counting printable will definitely be a hit with your preschoolers as they create their own caterpillars and ladybugs.

Try this roll a ladybug dice game to give kids a chance to work on counting, number recognition, and understanding of one-to-one correspondence.

Spring Holiday Math Activities

Spring holidays bring all sorts of opportunities to learn math while having a blast with holiday icons and symbols.

3 spring math holiday activities for preschool kids

Students practice graphing skills with this free St. Patrick’s Day roll and graph printable.

Beaded shamrocks give preschoolers the chance to work on patterns and counting, plus they’re just a fun craft to make!

Calendar numbers can be used for SO many math learning opportunities, and these St. Patrick’s Day calendar numbers are perfect for early spring.

3 spring math activities for preschool kids

This beautiful Earth Day sensory bin has kids mixing soothing sensory activities with practicing different math concepts.

Your kids will have a blast digging for gold and recording their findings with this rainbow yarn sensory bin.

Bunny shape mats are adorable and offer up plenty of math practice including counting, pattern-making, and early geometry.

More Preschool Math Activities For Spring

There’s more spring preschool math goodness to be had! Gardens, nests, kites, and finally being able to play outside are a few more signs of spring that can be incorporated into math activities for kids.

collage of 3 spring math activities for preschool kids

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Every step of this outdoor math activity looks fun, from the setting up to the playing. I can see kids loving this one!

What a great way to combine math with being outdoors! Kids will love tracking how many nests they find in this activity.

Frogs are the stars of this number line hop game, and you can sneak in a little information about frog life cycles while you play.

printable and active spring math activities for preschool

How adorable are these bird and nest printables? Kids will help mama robin count her eggs and add the correct amount of them to her nest.

This run and sort outdoor activity is another high-energy math activity where the kids have to run back and forth and sort pompoms into the correct bins.

This bunny needs to find its way through the shape maze and only preschoolers can help!

This is a simple matching printable but will challenge kids to look closely at the shapes in order to match them up.

3 activities that help preschoolers learn and practice math skills

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With this kite themed preschool math, kids match the beads to the numbers on the kites and string them on the tails.

This will be a sure winner – beautifully-dyed rice makes this spring sensory bin perfect for discovering and matching numbers while digging for little spring objects.

Give children a taste of graphing with this springtime roll and graph math activity.

Preschool Math Resources

Preschool Teacher 101 has so many great done-for-you teaching resources that are perfect for exploring math concepts, as well as preschool themes already planned out for you. Click on the photos below for more information.

If you’re a preschool teacher, I highly recommend checking out the membership options while you’re there.

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