13 Fall Crafts Ideas for the Family


The evenings are getting cooler, and I can sense that special, autumn crispness all around me. If you haven’t already done so, check your crafting supplies, because here come the autumnal-themed crafting ideas for you and your whole family. There’s something for everyone on this list.

Grab your hot cocoa or warm cider, gather your supplies, and prepare to create some beautiful fall crafts with the family. There are many decorative materials right outside your door.

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Fall Crafts to Consider

Here are 13 ideas to consider doing with your family this fall.

Pressed Leaves and Flowers Bookmark

fall crafts - bookmark
photo courtesy of buggy and buddy

There is only a handful of supplies needed for this cute project. It seems like reading picks up during the cooler months, so why not make a nature-inspired bookmark? All you’ll need is your choice of leaves and flowers, a scissor, cardstock, glue, yarn/string/raffia ribbon, a single-hole punch, and contact paper or a laminator. 

You and your littles can create your own personal designs. If your kids aren’t into reading, maybe this handcrafted bookmark will provide encouragement. The steps in the instructions are easy to read and follow, making it a good project that older kids can do alone.

Pinecone Bunnies

pinecone bunny craft
photo courtesy of fireflies and mudpies

I found several pinecone critters, and they’re all adorable. If bunnies aren’t a huge hit in your household, there’s an awesome hedgehog.

You’ll need some pinecones, googly eyes, wool or craft felt, tacky craft glue, wooden beads, twine, pompoms, and a scissor. You can use hot glue in place of the tacky craft glue if you prefer. Be as creative as you want with your pinecone critters.

P.S. If you make some, feel free to share it in the comments. We’d love to see your work.

Autumn Leaf Lanterns

Autumn Leaf Lanterns
photo courtesy of happiness homemade

This fun and easy craft makes beautiful candle holders. Upcycle an old glass candle or jar to an inviting, calming candleholder. All you’ll need is some fall leaves, your glass item, and Mod Podge. Press the leaves between some books for a day or two, and you’re ready to begin.

Happy Scarecrow Craft

Happy Scarecrow Craft
photo courtesy of somewhat simple

These happy little scarecrows are adorable and easy to make. You’ll need some jumbo craft sticks, cardboard, white glue, craft foam, raffia ribbons, googly eyes, glue dots, markers or crayons, and flower stickers.

The instructions give you all the details you need to get your fall crafting game started. These scarecrows are so adorable, you may not want to put them away when the season changes. 

Painted Acorns

painted acorns
Photo courtesy of home stories a to z

This project is so simple it might not seem like you’re crafting at all. Who would’ve thought that collecting a bunch of acorns and painting them various colors could make such excellent decor? Honestly, you could work with any color scheme and have them around as decoration all year long.

Fall Leaves in Wax Paper

fall leaves in wax paper
photo courtesy of the seasoned mom

I loved making these when I was little. It was always amazing to see the leaves and paper mesh together to create a unique piece of autumn artwork. You and the kids could enjoy a nice walk to collect leaves and start crafting before you know it.

A towel, an iron, leaves, and wax paper are all you need for this craft. The instructions are simple. You lay out the leaves on a piece of wax paper and arrange them however you want. Put another piece of wax paper over the top of the leaves, and seal the deal using the iron. Make sure you put the towel between the iron and the paper to avoid directly touching it.

Leaf Suncatcher

Leaf Suncatcher
photo courtesy of buzz mills

You can use the leaves from the previous project for this one. You’ll use the same process and materials except you’ll need to add an embroidery hoop. You could make this kind of suncatcher for any season by using dried leaves and flowers from whatever is in season. Kids love to watch for the sun to shine through their suncatcher.

Festive Fall Wind Chimes

photo courtesy of the benson street

Little ones love to collect the trinkets gifted to us by nature. This autumn wind chime is a relaxing craft that makes use of beautiful, natural things. You’ll need two sticks that hold the wind chime together, twine or string, and glue. Add leaves, rocks, pinecones, and anything else you and the family would like.

You can also add some crafting items that will help the chimes make a sound. Small bells or shells would make an excellent addition to this fall favorite.

Autumn Leaf Prints

Autumn Leaf Prints
Photo courtesy of meaningful mama

Here we have another simple project that’s fun for the whole family. All you need is an assortment of leaves collected from outside, acrylic paints (fall colors), white paper, and foam brushes. The kids get to paint the leaves and then press the prints onto the white paper. It can be exciting to add a new piece every fall and see how they’ve changed.

Monster Mobile Toilet Rolls

Monster Mobile Toilet Rolls
photo courtesy of happy hooligans

This craft project is fun and perfect for preschool and older kids as well. You’ll need some empty toilet paper rolls, googly eyes, pipe cleaners, crafting foam, paints, yarn, glue, and a scissor. Paint the toilet paper rolls and work from there. The kids can have total creative freedom making these cute and friendly monster mobiles.

Pinecone Bird Feeder

Pinecone Bird Feeder
photo courtesy of happiness is homemade

This crafting project is a two-for-one! You get to create an excellent craft while helping feed the local bird population. Go out and collect some larger pinecones, they can be smaller, but bigger is better. Peanut butter, birdseed, and a ribbon to hang the cone are all you’ll need.

The peanut butter gets slathered on the outside of the pinecone first. Then pour the birdseed in a deep pan or container, and roll the peanut butter pinecones in the seed to get them totally covered. Hang your cone when it’s ready, and enjoy the view.

Mason Jar Scarecrow

Mason Jar Scarecrow
photo courtesy of easy peasy and fun

This mason jar scarecrow is adorable and happy. You’ll need a clean mason jar, fall-themed acrylic paint, faux hay, burlap ribbon, googly eyes, paintbrushes, fake sunflower, and glue. The step-by-step instructions are easy to follow, and you’ve got the freedom to make any changes you’d like.

Paper Plate Turkey Wreath

Paper Plate Turkey Wreath
photo courtesy of I heart crafty things

We can’t forget about some turkey crafts, can we? This project is easy and doesn’t require many supplies. Paper plates, construction paper, glue, googly eyes, a red water balloon, stapler, paint, and a paintbrush. This turkey wreath is so cute and can be hung anywhere in the house to add a touch of fall. 

Crafting can be incredibly fun. Especially when the crafting changes throughout the seasons. There should be something for everyone on this list. What are your favorites? Do you have any ideas you’d like to share? Drop us a line in the comments because we’d love to hear from you. Happy crafting! 

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