122 Times People Did Stupid Things And Got Caught By The Internet (New Pics)


From walking into a glass door to forgetting the word "door" when you want to tell your friend about it, everyone has their moments.

So to make peace with our collective stupidity, we at Bored Panda have an ongoing series where we share pictures of the people's funniest shortcomings we can find online. (In case you haven't seen it, I recommend you check it out here and here, and catch up.)

I hope this latest collection reassures you that nobody's perfect and allows you to look at your failures with a little less embarrassment. Or at the very least provides you with an opportunity to distract yourself and forget about it!

#1 This Just Made Me Laugh, Thought I'd Share

Image credits: ashstfu

#2 Next Level Stupid

Image credits: laurenboebert

Psychotherapist Amy Morin, LCSW, who is the Editor-in-Chief of Verywell Mind and the author of the bestselling book 13 Things Mentally Strong People Don't Do, believes that failure is something we all endure and it's important to know that there are things we can do to feel better about it.

First off, embrace your emotions. Morin highlighted that failure is often accompanied by a variety of emotions, including embarrassment, anxiety, anger, sadness, and shame, just to name a few. Those feelings are uncomfortable, and many people will do anything they can to escape the discomfort they cause but according to research, allowing yourself to feel bad is actually motivating. It can help you work harder to find better solutions so that you'll improve next time.

#3 Not A True Catholic

Image credits: WarmmLemmon

#4 Does Seem Kinda Controversial

Image credits: BIkMamba

#5 Just... What?

Image credits: linguotgr

Next up, we should make an effort to recognize our unhealthy attempts to reduce pain. "You might be tempted to say, 'I didn't actually want that job anyway,' but minimizing your pain won't make it go away," Morin said.

"Distracting yourself or filling the void you feel with food, drugs, or alcohol won't heal your pain either. Those things will only provide you with some temporary relief."

#6 People Can Be Really Stupid Sometimes

Image credits: tieshatwo

#7 Siding With Seidel On This One

Image credits: bygollymolly12

#8 Was At My Kid’s School For A Costume Parade. One Dad Misunderstood In The Best Way Possible

Image credits: MrNoodleIncident

#9 It's Just A Really Common Name

Image credits: simbaki_

After that, we can start focusing on healthy coping skills instead. "Calling a friend, practicing deep breathing, taking a bubble bath, going for a walk, or playing with your pet are just a few examples of healthy ways to deal with your pain," the psychotherapist explained.

"Not every coping skill works for everyone, however, so it's important to find what does for you."

#10 Awww. Wait, What?

Image credits: sharon9052

#11 They Definitely Need A Disability Advocate

Image credits: rosshowalter

#12 I Can't Stop Laughing At This. I Have No Words

Image credits: lemonsarethekey

#13 No Lie, Masks Will Help Out The Listerine Sales

Image credits: snkjns92

A 2016 review published in Clinical Psychology Review that looked at 46 studies examining reactions to failure found that a "more positive attributional style" was a strong factor in how resilient people were to the emotional distress caused by failure.

In other words, they saw failure as a result of something specific and external rather than something internal.

#14 30 Years Later I Still Cringe

Image credits: ItsAndyRyan

#15 My Friend Got His Braces Off Today

Image credits: oldirtyjack

#16 We All Make Mistakes

Image credits: shakespork

#17 Important Question Indeed

Image credits: alawiabdul

"When you find yourself thinking that you're a hopeless cause or that there’s no use in trying again, reframe your thoughts," Morin suggested.

"Remind yourself of more realistic thoughts about failure such as: a) failure is a sign that I'm challenging myself to do something difficult; b) I can handle failure; c) I can learn from my failures."

#18 Kids Got To Learn

Image credits: trevorgrogers

#19 Diesel In A Prius

Image credits: mannysoloway

#20 “I’ve Wasted Days Of My Life Washing Up”. Me Too, Tom, Me Too

Image credits: tommyhale91

#21 You Have To Remove The Protective Coating. Please Can Someone Shut Down The Internet

Image credits: meiriceanach

However, you will probably need to repeat a phrase or affirmation more than once in order to ward off negative thoughts or to reinforce to yourself that you can bounce back.

#22 The Cult Will Cult

Image credits: adamamericana

#23 Wooosh

Image credits: StephenKing

#24 I Have Been Buying Bay Leaves When There's A Bay Tree Outside My Front Door. I've Lived Here For Over A Year

Image credits: Gustifer05

#25 Part Of The Control Group

Image credits: jessalyn

If you've spent most of your life avoiding failure, it can feel really scary when it finally catches you off-guard. However, facing your fears can really improve your quality of life.

Practice stepping outside your comfort zone, and over time, you'll learn that messing up isn't as bad as you thought!

#26 Next You’re Going To Tell Me Jason Momoa Can’t Breathe Underwater

Image credits: almostlucy

#27 You Know... The Other Mariah Carey

Image credits: i_lean

#28 Y'all Need Jesus

Image credits: benlewismedia

#29 A Customer Called Asking If We Were Practicing Social Distancing With Her Sandwiches. I Told Her We Are, But To Be Honest Guys I'm Running Out Of Space

Image credits: lachary1234

#30 How Can People Break Up For Such Stupid Reasons

Image credits: Bingbon02415540

#31 So Silly Though

Image credits: mhdksafa

#32 The Wrong People Have Money

Image credits: nataleebfitness

#33 My Team Said We Were Dressing As Dominoes

Image credits: Stuck_in_a_depo

#34 My Mom: The Moon Looks So Pretty Tonight

Image credits: mommaunfiltered

#35 My Sister Went To Paris And Saw Sean Connery Taking Pictures With All These People. She Muscled Her Way In And Asked For A Photo, All Pleased

It wasn't Sean Connery. This man had been taking pictures with his family.

Image credits: khelektinmir

#36 How Is This Possible

Image credits: Vendruscolo

#37 Gotta Be Prepared To Deal With Any Unwanted Terminator

Image credits: marcirobin

#38 How Anyone In Government Could Be So Clueless

Image credits: jemelehill

#39 Unpopular Opinion: We Should Make Crime Illegal

Image credits: benshapiro

#40 Who's Gonna Tell Her?

Image credits: TruStoryz

#41 Oh Dear

Image credits: meganlewis74

#42 And I Thought Americans Only Knew American Geography

Image credits: SpinalElephant

#43 My Dad Says, “Google Is Doing This Stupid Thing Where The Blur The Top Left Part Of The Results. Facebook Is Doing It Too Actually.” He Melted The Top Left Corner Of His Screen

Image credits: unidentifies

#44 Dumbest Guy Ever

Image credits: joezus_

#45 That's The UK Parliament

Image credits: thebusiestbee2

#46 I Guess Stupid Questions Are A Thing After All

Image credits: PaalKlo

#47 I Did Not Order A Concrete Driveway Or Any Other Type Of Driveway. When The Person That Laid It Came Back To See If I Was Happy With The Job, He Realized It Was The Wrong Address

I now have a free concrete driveway.

Image credits: purple-circle

#48 Incredible

Image credits: jxmesmxckey

#49 What Could Go Wrong If I Drain A Deep Fryer Into A Plastic Bucket?

Image credits: bootsmegamix

#50 Oh Well...

Image credits: LuciusCalSulla

#51 A True Liberian Patriot

Image credits: Redspire27

#52 When Your Friend Cancels Cause She's Having "Lady Problems" But U A Feminist & Know There Are A Lot Of Lady Problems

Image credits: Icedtorch

#53 What A Clown

Image credits: bhand_engineer

#54 Pretending To Be A Chess Player Without Learning A Single Rule Of The Game

Image credits: mallikasherawat

#55 Get This Guy A Clock

Image credits: ShanLFTV

#56 What Was He Expecting?

Image credits: fencheeks

#57 I Prefer To Get My Diet Coke At Home

Image credits: LoneShark81

#58 Just A Bit Of A Difference

Image credits: Suitable-Recording95

#59 Starch Your Engines

Image credits: CeonSun

#60 Poor Guy

Image credits: thedaviddrake

#61 My Wife Said "I'm Going As Belle, Get The Matching Costume." I Didn't Understand The Assignment

Image credits: CrazyDrakes

#62 Date Said Her Favorite Food Was Blue Cheese Pizza. I Guess I Misunderstood Where The Emphasis Was Supposed To Be

Image credits: Imatworkgoaway

#63 This Is How Drunk Me Sets His Alarm Clock

Image credits: LiveFastDahyun

#64 He Needed To Put A Lil Bit More Effort

Image credits: alumbaeofficial

#65 I've Read The Bible Cover To Cover, But I Think I Missed The Part Where There's Dinosaurs

Image credits: SampleSwimming8576

#66 Just In Case You Still Had Any Faith Left In Humanity

Image credits: reddit.com

#67 Just Pay Your Student Loan

Image credits: LeftJaqqi

#68 It’s 70’s Day And This Kid Is Dressing For The 1770’s

Image credits: master_pingu1

#69 Yes, Much More Christian To Just Let Them Starve

Image credits: PatheosNonreligious

#70 Mazel Tov Cocktail

Image credits: MrMoofer

#71 Trying To Figure Out What Xam Meant

Image credits: popularloser

#72 When You’re This Offended By The Word Karen

Image credits: sainsburys

#73 What Could Go Wrong If My Dumb Neighbor Put Hot Charcoal From His Grill Into A Trashcan

Image credits: TheCubeZero

#74 “Why Isn’t There Beef Burgers”

Image credits: fayemikah

#75 Concerned Citizen

Image credits: justinahorwitz

#76 Pinnacle Of Dumbness

Image credits: no_seggs_september

#77 Not The Crystals

Image credits: Clear_Birthday1794

#78 Tomi Being As Stupid As Usual

Image credits: TomiLahren

#79 What If I Decide To Let My White Dog Out After I Mow My Lawn?

Image credits: sunshinyanny

#80 She Forgot

Image credits: cutethreadsxo

#81 I Might Not Have Thought This Through

Image credits: CTRexPope

#82 My Mom Works At The Bank, Today An Elderly Couple Gave Her Microwaved Money, Thinking It Will Clean It From Coronavirus

Image credits: ronderon

#83 Can You All Confirm For My Wife I'm Not Dumb And It Could Have Happened To Anyone?

Image credits: darkpollopesca

#84 It's For People Like This, That The Rest Of The World Thinks Americans Are Stupid

Image credits: Daaaaaaaavidmit8a

#85 When You Believe Politicians Over Doctors

Image credits: ryanmarino

#86 Plot Twist: He’s The Only One There

Image credits: Kevinkavanagh0

#87 New Guy Tried To Empty The Fryer Grease Into A Plastic Bucket

Image credits: walskov

#88 We Got Our Doors Painted During A Remodel And The Painters Forgot To Put The Plastic Covering On The Ground

Image credits: JosephKirwan

#89 School Superintendent Showing Off An Alumni

Image credits: asianj1m

#90 So My Friend Is Bragging About How He So Pro Black So Much So He Got Malcom X’s Face On His Forearm. And I Just Can’t Break His Heart... So Yeah Bro You Got “Malcom X”

Image credits: David King Morton

#91 My Uncle Was Clueless

Image credits: wrenblaze

#92 I Couldn't Move My Old Mattress Down The Flight Of Stairs To Take It To The Tip. My Dad Suggested Taking It Apart. I Asked If This Is What He Meant. He Said He Was Joking

Now I have a room full of springs.

Image credits: ohlookmoretrash

#93 Classic Mistake

Image credits: fathercosby

#94 Stupid Comes In All Forms

Image credits: dailymail

#95 Tomi With The Unsurprising Stupid Take

Image credits: TomiLahren

#96 Installing A Door Stopper Without Checking To See The Height

Image credits: SilverHawk1719

#97 The Result Of Posting Your Driver's License And Social Security Number On Twitter

Image credits: BeezSLS

#98 Now What The Heck Is This

Image credits: inihelene

#99 Doing Extra Doesn't "Require Effort"

Image credits: lolumadbr0

#100 Picasso Was Alive When Snoop Dogg Was Born

Image credits: Beverlyne__

#101 I’ll Just Do My Makeup In The Car Like A Stupid Idiot

Image credits: peperoni_dog_farts

#102 Apparently, Europe Has No Food And No "Tech"

Image credits: Priamosish

#103 See How Silly That Sounds?

Image credits: adakirschner

#104 Anti-Vaxxers Are Stupid. We Need To Stop Giving Them The Attention They're So Desperate For

Image credits: RightWingCope

#105 Clueless

Image credits: IRONGOD2020

#106 Ridiculous

Image credits: nickbryantny

#107 My Aunt Got Me This "Easter Bunny"

Image credits: Beautiful_Fishing569

#108 Please Open Schools

Image credits: Nicksharma93

#109 To Censor A Man's Face

Image credits: maxedlp2

#110 Drove 45 Mins To The Store Thinking I Had My Mask In My Pocket. It Was A Baby Sock

Image credits: zoltrules

#111 Time To Move

Image credits: canadasus

#112 My Old Neighbor And Fellow Board Member Just Sent The Entire Board This Text. He Clearly Didn't Realize As He Took A Picture Of His Computer Screen

Image credits: robotchiken3

#113 Rise And Grind Guy Acting Like Farming Is Some Kind Of Lifehack To Make Infinite Money

Image credits: sweatystartup

#114 I Just Sat In The Backyard For Ten Minutes Watching “Heat Lightning” Then Came Inside To Find My Wife Photographing Our Son’s Preschool Artwork With The Big Flash

Friggin’ idiot I am.

Image credits: bemyantimatter

#115 Cis Graduate Co-Worker, In His 20s, Professional Software Developer

Image credits: Serious_Height_1714

#116 Yes. Sunlight In Florida Is Definitely A Paranormal Event

Image credits: raining_jade

#117 Found On The Internet Itself Which Is Funny

Image credits: Panical382

#118 This Is How Being Dumb Feels, I’ve Never Done Something Stupider Than This, I Could’ve Burnt My Whole House By Just Putting A Plastic Cover Over My Ham Into My Oven

Image credits: Hacks_exe_exe

#119 Hallmarks

Image credits: clmazin

#120 Gab’s Founder Is A Clueless Idiot

Image credits: reddit.com

#121 Roommate Jammed AA Batteries In The Smoke Alarm, It Takes A Single 9 Volt

Image credits: Amy_Bell97

#122 When You Want Some Steak But Are Too Stupid To Realize Tupperware Is No Match For 300f Heat

Image credits: CrookFumDaBrook

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