12 Toy Storage Containers To Help Keep You Organized


How to tackle toy clutter is one of the biggest questions I get asked. Because kids toys and interests change over the years.

So organizing the toys can get tricky. Do you keep a toy for a younger sibling or do you donate/sell that toy? Where do you store the toys? How do you store the toys?

All these are totally valid questions to ask yourself. 

My recommendation is to look at what the kids are playing with now. Then remove any toys they aren’t playing with from their toy collection. Either store in an area that is away from their toy area or donate/sell those toys. 

You don’t have to keep all the toys. Just toys that you feel have the longevity to last and be of interest to your kiddos.


playroom beforeI have more tips on how to declutter kids’ toys below:

How To Declutter Kids’ Toys In 6 Easy Steps

Too Many Toys? How You Can Declutter Easily

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After you declutter, you have to decide on what type of furniture and layout of the play space you are looking for. This helps because you can create a design that will grow with your kids. 

One thing I do recommend is getting furniture that works for you. And my favorite piece of furniture for organizing toys is the IKEA Kallax bookshelf. Because it can easily grow with your kids. As the toys change, so can your storage options. But the Kallax can grow with their new and changing interests.

But what types of toy storage containers can work for the ever-changing toys? These 12 storage containers, along with how you can use them to store toys, is sure to give you some inspiration.

Cube organization of toys in playroom with bottom two drawers open displaying Nerf guns and action figures inside the cube organizers #playroom

Divided Caddie

I love this caddie for storing art supplies. The handle makes it easy for the kiddos to grab and create. 

To organize, divide each section into an art item you want to store. Then place those items inside the caddie.

Acrylic Drawers

These acrylic drawers the the best option for storing those American Girl Doll accessories, and Lego bricks! Because the kids can pull them out and still see inside, it makes a great storage option.

I have tips on how to use To Organize Doll Accessories.


Small Fabric Basket

I like using fabric baskets to store toys for younger children. Because they can pull out the basket to explore what is inside. These are great because they look pretty and are super soft.

Window seat with pillows and toys #playroom

Large Fabric Basket

Large baskets are my favorite for collecting stuffed animals, sports equipment, and dramatic play materials. Because these are easy for the kids to throw things into, it makes cleaning up those larger items a breeze.

I have more tips on how to store stuffed animals in large fabric baskets

Canvas Bin

Obviously I couldn’t create a list of toy storage containers without including canvas bins. I feel these are a great storage option for toys. We use them for storing doll clothing.

Make sure you label the bins. I have used binder clips with laminated pictures to keep the bins organized. You can also use iron-on labels to the bins as well.

This tutorial will walk you through the steps to create fabric bin labels to keep everyone organized! #labels #organized

Stackable Bins

Stackable bins are my favorite for holding smaller items. They work wonders for storing art supplies, pop-its, Rainbow High doll accessories, rocks, and other collectables.

They can be sorted into different stackable bins and add a label to each bin to keep things tidy.

Bin With Handle

I like using handled bins for toddlers and preschool kiddos. It gives them a specific place to hold the bin while they are bringing those items out to play.

This works wonders for things like art supplies. But don’t over-stuff the bin if you are wanting your toddler or preschooler to use it. Keep the bin light.

legos in bins with labels and displaying lego creations

Bin With Lid

My all-time favorite bin for Lego brick storage! This bin’s lid can act as a tray. So it is a great toy storage container because it can stack as well!

Add a label to the outside of the bin so the kids know what is inside. 

Our Lego boxes have color-coded labels. You can get those labels in my shop.

Colored Storage Bins

These storage bins are perfect for holding cards. Because those card boxes can easily rip, storing them in a container can help keep all the cards together.

You can write on the outside of the bin using a Sharpie. Or you can cut out the cardboard box cover and tape it to the storage bin so the kids know what game is inside the bin.

toy storage container with label

Zippered Storage Bags

If you don’t like the storage bins for storing cards, the zippered bags make another great option. They also work wonders for storing board games!

Use the zipper to add a label. I have made labels using heavy cardstock and laminating the labels. Then I used a binder clip to add to the zipper of the bag.

Basket For Toys

Another option for storing toys is using a basket. This one fits rather snug into the Ikea Kallax shelving units but is great for storing lots of toys.

There are different sizes of these baskets as well, making them a great option for storing toys.

organizing kids crafts

Stackable Bins

These stackable bins are great for storing art supplies like Play-Doh, and stamps. They stack, which makes storing them easy. You can also use them for Lego brick storage or doll accessory storage.

Just make sure you label each bin so the kids’ know what belongs in each bin.

Colorful Drawer Organizers

Drawer organizers are a great option for storing art supplies or smaller toys. Give each drawer a purpose and add a label to that drawer. The label will help keep the items inside the drawers organized.

colorful drawers with colorful llama labels on each individual drawer

Toy Storage Containers

When it comes to storing toys, make sure you first declutter what toys your kiddos no longer use. Either store them for younger siblings or donate/sell the toys. 

Then use the suggestions above to create a plan for storing your remaining toys. 

If you are struggling with what to do about furniture and design layout of your play space, get the Playroom Organizing + Design Plans

These plans have everything you need to lay out your playroom and organize it like a professional!

playroom plans on ipad flat lay


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